TNPSC Group 2 Exam 2013 revised syllabus and exam pattern - Main Exam

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Latest Updated Changes April 2013 on TNPSC Group 2 Mains Exam
General Studies - Part A - 125 Questions
Part B- 2 Essay Questions
*New Part will be "Draft Preparation" - To check candidates drafting skills

PAPER –I (Objective type)

Part - A

Unit-I Role and impact of science and Technology in the Development of India and Tamil Nadu.

Nature of universe-General scientific laws-Scientific instruments-Inventions and

discoveries -Science glossary-Physical quantities, standards and units -Mechanics and properties of matter-Force, motion and energy-Heat, light and sound-Magnetism, -electricity and electronics -Elements and -compounds -Acids, bases and salts-Oxidation and reduction-Carbon, nitrogen and their compounds-Fertilizers -pesticides, insecticides -Main concepts of life science-The cell -
basic unit of life-Classification of living organism-Nutrition -and dietetics-Respiration -Blood and blood –circulation-Endocrine system-Reproductive system-Animals, plants and human life-

Govt. policy -organizations on Science and Technology-Role, achievement & impact of Science and -technology-Energy - self sufficiency - oil exploration- Genetics - the science of heredity- Environment, ecology, health and -hygiene, Bio - diversity and its conservation-Human diseases, prevention and remedies-Communicable diseases and non - communicable diseases-Alcoholism and Drug abuse- Computer -science and advancement

Unit-II Administration of Union and States with special reference to Tamil Nadu
State government organization - structure, functions and control mechanism-

District administration - role in people’s welfare oriented programmes-Industrial map of Tamil Nadu -- role of state government-Public Services -- role of recruitment agencies-State finance - resources, budget and financial administration-Use of IT in administration -- e-governance in the State-

Natural calamities – Disaster Management Union and State -Social welfare -Government sponsored schemes with reference to Tamil Nadu- Relationship between State and Union-Industrial map of India -

Public Services - role of recruitment agencies in Union Government- Social welfare - government sponsored schemes by Government of India

Unit-III Socio - Economic Issues in India/ Tamil Nadu 

Population Explosion-Unemployment issues in India & Tamil Nadu- Child Labour -Economic Issues (a) Poverty (b) Sanitation- Rural and Urban (c) Corruption in public life - Anti -Corruption -measures - CVC, Lok- adalats, Ombudsman, CAG.-Illiteracy-

Women Empowerment – Role of the Govt. in Women Empowerment - Social injustice to womenfolk - Domestic violence, dowry menace, sexual assault-Impact of violence on the growth of the nation – Religious violence, --Terrorism and Communal violence.- Human Rights issues-Right to information - Central and State Commission.-

Education – Linkage between  Education and Economic Growth-Community Development Programme-Employment Guarantee Scheme-Self Employment and Entrepreneurship Development-Role of N.G.O’s in Social Welfare – Govt. Policy on Health.

Part - B

Unit-IV Essay

(Descriptive Type) (a). Current issues at National Level (b) Current issues at
State Level


  1. idalam tamil la padika book irruka sir

  2. Sir i cleared group 2 prelims..but can u sugest me a books for mains..because i am doin self preparation

  3. Sir i m sharon.. i cleared group 2 prelims...i am doin self preparation...sir can u plz give us the major national and state issues which are much expected to be asked in group 2 mains.


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