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Tamilnadu Government School Students Scholarship Talent Search Exam September 2013 Announcement Details

Tamil Nadu Rural Students Talent Search Scheme Examination ( TRUST ), September 2013

TRUST Exam An Introduction

Tamil Nadu Rural Students Talent Search Scheme Examination ( TRUST ) is an qualifying examination for government scholarship for the 9th to 12th standard students in the government and government aided schools of rurual areas. The scholarship is provided for selected 50 boys and 50 girls students (Total 100) of each revenue district.

Scholarship Amount for TRUST Exam

Rs.1000/- per year will be the scholarship ammount.

Who will be eligible to apply for TRUST Exam 2013 ?

1.Should have atleast 50 % marks in the previous year

2.Studying in a government or government aided shools.

3.Only students studying in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th stds can apply.

4.Annual income of the parents should not exceed Rs.100,000/-

TRUST Scholarship Exam Date : September 22, 2013

How to Apply for Tamilnadu Government TRUST Scholarship Exam 2013 ?

Students should get Parents'  Income Certificate.

The application for TRUST 2013 exam should be downloaded from the following website www.peps.tn.nic.in    . To download the TRUST 2013 application form as pdf click the direct link   http://peps.tn.nic.in/trustappln.pdf 

The filled applications with Head Master's signature and income certificate should be sent to the Chief Education Officer.

Last Date to Apply :

TRUST Talent Scholarship Examination Exam Fee : Rs.5/-
(Service Fee - Rs.5/- total - Rs.10/-). The examination fee should be sent to CEO through HMs.

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