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Tamilnadu TNUSRB Sub Inspector SI Selection Previous Year Question Papers - 1

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Departmental Quota 2010 Answer Keyhttp://tnusrbexams.net/documents/depaquota_key.pdf

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SI Selection 2010 Old Question Paper as Online Test : Part - 1
  1. The composer of Periyapuranam
    1. Kampar
    2. Ottakutthar
    3. Sekkilar
    4. Pugalendi

  2. The Delhi Sultan who introduced market reforms was
    1. Muhamad-bin-Tughlaq
    2. Firoz Tughlaq
    3. Sikkandar Lodi
    4. Alauddin Khilji

  3. The term “Cold War” was first used by
    1. Bernard Baruch
    2. F.D.Roosevelt
    3. Stalin
    4. Churchil

  4. Who composed “Thiru Arutpa”?
    1. Thiru molar
    2. Kumara Kuru barar
    3. Armuga Navalar
    4. St.Ramalinga

  5. The French Revolution took place in the year
    1. 1798
    2. 1779
    3. 1799
    4. 1789

  6. Who was the Author of “Das Capital”?
    1. Adam Smith
    2. Karl Marx
    3. David Ricardo
    4. Frederich Engles

  7. The U.N.O. Headquarters is located at
    1. Geneva
    2. San Francisco
    3. New York
    4. The Haque

  8. Who wrote the Book “Discovery of India”?
    1. Mahatma Gandhi
    2. Vascodagama
    3. Motilal Nehru
    4. Jawaharlal Nehru

  9. The grasslands found in Europe are known as
    1. Prairies
    2. Pampas
    3. Steppes
    4. Savannas

  10. The first Earth Day is celebrated in
    1. United Kingdom
    2. United States
    3. Israel
    4. Sierra Leone

  11. The Island with Asia's largest sawmill in
    1. Andamans
    2. Nicobar
    3. Lakshadweep
    4. Minicoy Island

  12. The plant biomes that are found beneath the seas are called
    1. Plankton
    2. Benthos
    3. Necton
    4. Corals

  13. Which hills are parallel to the Narmada Valley?
    1. Nilgiri hills
    2. Himalayas
    3. Vindhya mountains
    4. Western Ghats

  14. Where is the rich research station in Thanjavur district?
    1. Kumbakonam
    2. Aduthurai
    3. Thanjavur
    4. Papanasam

  15. Which type of soil is best suited for cotton cultivation?
    1. Alluvial soil
    2. Sand
    3. Black soil
    4. Red soil

  16. The minimum population required for a commodity to be sold in the market
    1. 0-50
    2. 50-100
    3. 200-300
    4. 300-400

  17. The Constitution of India came into force in the year
    1. 1947
    2. 1945
    3. 1948
    4. 1950

  18. Rajya Sabha consists of......members
    1. 200
    2. 220
    3. 250
    4. 280

  19. The state that has more female ratio than male is
    1. West Bengal
    2. Punjab
    3. Kerala
    4. Tamilnadu

  20. Which one of the following article has the provision to dissolve the state assembly
    1. Article 170
    2. Article 356
    3. Article 171
    4. Article 352

Tamilnadu SI Selection Old Question Papers in Online Test Format

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what kind of books can i refer?

Dear aravind K,

There are some limited number of books for TNUSRB Sub Inspector Recruitment ( SI Selection ). Most of them are just model only. Instead of purchasing of such guide books, you can simply read the TNUSRB SI Selection Syllabus from this link


and Previous year question papers. You can get some basic understanding about the question pattern.

The books for 80 marks General Knowledge - Same as TNPSC General Knowledge Study Materials

Books for Psychology - 60 marks - R.S.Agarwal Aptitude Books and some books on Police Psychology.

Soon TNPSC Portal will have Good Book List to purchase for the TNUSRB SI Selection 2013.

Start Preparing for GK first....All the best.

Hellow Sir... This Year SI recruitment is only for Men or also for Women... Please tell the details about that....

Shell I write in Tamil TNUSRB exam?

The question pattern for the SI Selection in Tamilnadu will be Objective Type. The questions will be in both tamil and english. So dear krishna moorthy , if you prepare well in Tamil also can be a topper in the TNUSRB Sub Inspector Recruitment 2013

Hi iam sarathkumar waiting for si selection , intrested in police job so wen u announce recruitment

Hi iam sarathkumar intrest In si selection so wen u announcement for tn police recruitment

Hi, i am parthiban.. B.E cse graduate i would like become a Technical SI in tnusrb. what is syllabus for that, and qualification, whether physical test,hieght,weight need for tech si?

Hi.. Im Parthiban, B.E(CSE) graduate. am i elegible for technical si recruitment tamilnadu? whether physical test need for technical SI and finger print SI?

im lakshmikanth ....i wanna 2007 si exam question papers....

Hi..i am NANDA GOPAL its eligible. for SI exammination.



Sir 2007 questions paper

bsc zoology weight 62.1 height 172 chest 79.1

Hello sir in the year 2018 si exam is to announced r in 2019 sorrr

Sir sub inspector of police , tamilnadu recruitment 2018 la yendha month varum nu sollunga sir.

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