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TRB Announced New Weightage Marks for TN TET Exam : Calculate Your Weightage Marks Now

14-07-2014 : TRB Announced TNTET Paper 2 Provisional Mark List based on latest weightage marks and BT Assistant 2012-2013 Recruitment Notification Today (14-07-2014). More Information click here  or visit TRB Official Website http://trb.tn.nic.in/


[ The original Government Order "G.O.(Ms.) No.71 Dated: May 30, 2014 " for latest TNTET weightage can be download from the Tamilnadu Government Website www.tn.gov.in  from the following link http://www.tn.gov.in/go_view/dept/28 ]

New Weightage Marks for TNTET Paper 1 Candidates

Plus Two        -    15 Marks
DTED               -    25 Marks
TNTET Exam  - 60 Marks

How to Calculate TRB TNTET Paper 1 Weightage Marks ? 

To calculate your weightage marks as per the TRBs new weightage mark system, you need 3 values.   

1.Your HSC Marks in Percentage                        - P %
2.Your DTED Marks in Percentae                       - Q %
3.Your TNTET Paper 1 Marks in Percentage   - R %

Step 1 : Calculate your HSC weightage  using this formula      P x 15  /  100

Step 2 : Calculate your DTED weightage using this formula    Q x 25 / 100

Step 3 : Calculate your TNTET weightage using the formula   R  x 60 / 100

Step 4 : Calculate Your New Weightage 
 = HSC weightage + DTED weightage + TNTET weightage 

New Weightage Marks for TNTET Paper 2 Candidates

Plus Two                          - 10 Marks

Degree                              - 15 Marks

B.Ed                                   - 15 Marks

TNTET Exam                   - 60 Marks

How to calculate new weightage mark for TNTET Paper 2 ?

1.Your HSC Marks in Percentage                        - P %
2.Your Degree Marks in Percentae                     - Q %
3.Your B.Ed Marks in Percentage                       - R %
4. Your TNTET Marks in Percentage                  - S %

Step 1 : Calculate your HSC weightage  using this formula      P x 10  /  100

Step 2 : Calculate your Degree weightage using this formula   Q x 15 / 100

Step 3 : Calculate your B.Ed weightage using the formula   R  x 15 / 100

Step 4 : Calculate your TNTET weightage using the formula   S  x 60 / 100

Step 4 : Calculate Your New Weightage 
 = HSC weightage + Degree weightage + B.Ed weightage+ TNTET weightage 

Note  : If more than 1 candidates secured same marks the age seniority will be given preference. 

One Good News to all TNTET 2013 Exam Passed candidates - TRB may increase the Teachers Vacany Posts for this year 2014 appointments. 

---- Old Weightage marks of TRB TNTET  for your reference only ------
There were 12,596 candidates in TNTET 2013 Paper 1 Exam and 14,496 candidates in TN TET Paper 2 have successfully qualified in the TRB TNTET Exam 2013 with the previous cut off mark of 90 (60 %) . The number is expected to be increased about 45,000 with adding the candidates benefited from 55% reduction.

The weightage marks are divided in to two categories. 60 %  from TNTET Marks and 40 % from the Plus Two , Degree, B.Ed Marks (For Paper 1 candidates  it will be Plus Two and D.Ted Marks)

Old Weightage Mark System  (Previous - 1)

TNTET Exam Marks 

90 - 104    -  42 Marks

105-119    -   48 Marks

120-135   - 54 Marks

136 - 150  - 60 Marks

Newly Introduced Weightage Marks for TNTET Score ( Previous - 2)

Revised  TRB Weightage Marks for TNTET Score Formula

Weightage Mark  = TNTET Score + Educational Score

60 Marks for TNTET Exam Marks

90% and above  -  60 Marks

80% - 90%   - 54 Marks

70% - 80%  - 48 Marks

60% - 70%  - 42 Marks

55% - 60%   -36 Marks

40 Marks for Education Qualification

For Paper 1 Candidates

Plus Two Marks    - 15 marks
DTEd       Marks  - 25 marks

For Paper 2 Candidates

Plus Two Marks    - 10 marks
Degree     Marks  - 15 marks
B.Ed                     - 15

***Data based on The Hindu Tamil Edition dated 15-02-2014, page no.14,
      Dinamalar , 30-04-2014.

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