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Be a Smart Worker not Hard Worker | Study Tips 1

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I have come across some best candidates who used to study for a long time in the night, taking number of notes, reading until they get tired, staying in the library for hours and partially isolated from the fellow students and some time from the entire world to get good scores in any competitive Exam.

At the same time I know some candidates they could be seen with friends, no body can differentiate them from others. They play in the grounds, laughs with friends. But in the results only they stay unique from others.

While both hard workers and smart workers get same results. What makes a student smart ?, To be a smart worker what one should do ? . Have a look at the following picture and the table, you might get some understandings about being a smart worker.

Hard Work
Smart Work
More input more output.
Less input more output.
More physical efforts, less brain usage
More brain usage, less physical efforts.
Utilizing all the available sources to complete the work in a specified time.
Utilizing few sources to complete the work in less time.
Hard work means just working for some thing without knowing the technique involved in it.
In Smart work, a simple logic which can solve all the problems
In hard work the person only think about the completion of given work it doesn't mean how much time it takes.
But in Smart work, one finds easiest as well as most convenient way to complete a work as early as possible.
One who doesn't have more knowledge about his task does hard work.

Can be done only with complete knowledge about the task.
Doing things without using brain and takes long time and more physical stress to complete the things.
Doing the things by using brain in a short span of time with less effort.

"There were two wood cutters in a jungle one cuts trees for 12 hours and the other for 6 hours but the woodcutter that cuts the trees for less hours cuts the most trees. This was because he sharped his knife after every hour. Now you can easily differentiate between hard work and smart work."
Simple tips to be a Successful Smart Student.

Self Confidence : The most important requirement for being a Smart Worker is the Self Confidence. You should believe your self. You should believe you can be best. This belief will automatically direct you towards success.

Aim for High : You should define your aim in your life. Having a plan will make your travel easier. You should visualize yourself that you have reached the goal.

Be Organised : Being organised makes you perfect. It increases your self confident. It will raise your image among others.

Time Management : Have every thing at its time. Dont waste a single minute of your students life.

Think Positive : Positive thinking is a gift of life. Develop positive thinking. It will give strenght to face challenges in your student life.

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