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Indian Economy Quiz - 1

  1. What is Gross Domestic Product ?

  2. Explain what is Gross National Product ?

  3. What is the formula for Gross National Product (GNP) Calculation ?

  4. Who made first attempt to calculate National Income of Indians during British Period ?

  5. What was the national income during 1911 and 1913 who calculated it ?

  6. Who was the first person made scientific calculation of National Income in India ?

  7. When was the National Income Committe was formed in India ?

  8. Who calculates Percapita Income in India at present ?

  9. How many times the base year for percapita income calculation was changed so far in India ?

  10. Human Development Index is prepared by whome ?

  11. Who developed HDI ?

  12. Human Development Index in India is published since ____________?

  13. What are the criteria based on which HDI is prepared ?

  14. What are the major changes made in the HDI in the year 2010?

  15. What are the Changes in Health Dimension of HDI in the year 2010 ?

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Thanks a lot for this awesome quizzes brother...good work,keep it up.

Great. thanks a lot

please tell materials for indian polity and economics

very supper and so much usefull for all exam am grateful to you

How to get this same in Tamil? Could you please help me?☺

test 6 really good question

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