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TNPSC Current Affairs September 2018

09-2018 (E)09-2018(E)09-2018(E)09-2018 (E)01-09-2018(E)

TNPSC Current Affairs August 2018

30,31-08-2018 (E)28,29-08-2018(E)27-08-2018(E)26-08-2018 (E)24,25-08-2018(E)
23_26-08-2018 (T)23-08-2018(E)22-08-2018(E)18_22-08-2018 (T)21-08-2018(E)
20-08-2018 (E)09_14-08-2018(E)14,15-08-2018(T)09_13-08-2018 (T)07_09-08-2018(T)
08-08-2018 (E)05_07-08-2018(E)04-08-2018(E)05,06-08-2018 (T)03,04-08-2018(T)
03-08-2018 (E)02-08-2018(E)01-08-2018(E)02-08-2018 (T)01-08-2018(T)

TNPSC Current Affairs July 2018

21_31-07-2018(T)11_20-07-2018(T)31-07-2018 (E)29_30-07-2018(E)
1_10-07-2018(T)19-07-2018(E)17,18-07-2018(E)16-07-2018 (E)13_15-07-2018(E)
10_12-07-201806_09-07-2018(E)04,05-07-2018(E)03-07-2018 (E)01,02-07-2018(E)

TNPSC Current Affairs June 2018

23-06-2018(E) 22-06-2018(E)-21-06-2018(E)19_20-06-2018(E)15_18-06-2018(E)
12_14-06-2018(E) 10,11-06-2018(E)7_9-06-2018(E)5,6-06-2018(E)1_4-06-2018(E)

TNPSC Current Affairs April 2018

28_30-04-2018(E)  26,27-04-2018(E)  25-04-2018(E) 22_24-04-2018(E)20,21-04-2018(E)
 19-04-2018(E)18-04-2018(E ) 15_17-04-2018(E)14-04-2018(E)13-04-2018(E)
 12-04-2018(E)11-04-2018(E ) 10-04-2018(E) 09-04-2018(E)01_10-04-2018(T)
 08-04-2018(E)07-04-2018(E )06-04-2018(E) 05-04-2018(E)-04-04-2018(E)

TNPSC Current Affairs March 2018

30,31-03-2018(E)30,31-03-2018(T)29-03-2018(E)28-03-2018 (E)27_29-03-2018(T)
27-03-2018(E)23-26-03-2018(T)23_24-03-2018(E)22-03-2018 (E)18_21-03-2018(E)
21-22-03-2018(T)18-20-03-2018(T)16,17-03-2018(T)16,17-03-2018 (E)13_15-03-2018(T)
15-03-2018(E)14-03-2018(E)13-03-2018(E)11,12-03-2018 (T)10_12-03-2018(E)
09,10-03-2018(T)09-03-2018(E)08-03-2018(T)08-03-2018 (E)07-03-2018(T)
05-03-2018(E)04-03-2018(E)06-03-2018(T)4,5-03-2018 (T)03-03-2018(E)
03-03-2018(T)02-03-2018(E)02-03-2018(T)01-03-2018 (E)01-03-2018(T)

TNPSC Current Affairs February 2018

21_28-02-2018 (T)11_20-02-2018(T)01_10-02-2018(T)

TNPSC Current Affairs December 2017

30,31-12-2017 (E)29-12-2017 (E)
28-12-2017 (E)27-12-2017(E)26-12-2017(E)23_25-2-2017 (E)22-12-2017 (E)
21-12-2017 (E)20-12-2017(E)19-12-2017(E)17,18-12-2017 (E)15,16-12-2017 (E)
2017 (E)8_12-12-2017(E)2017(E)3_6-12-2017 (E)1,2-12-2017 (E)

TNPSC Current Affairs October 2017

26_31-10-2017 (T)31-10-2017(E)
28_30-10-2017(E)27-10-2017(E)25,26-10-2017(E)19_25-10-2017 (T)21_24-10-2017(E) Part1,Part2
17_20-10-2017(E) Part 1, Part 213_18-10-2017 (T)14_16-10-2017(E)10_13-10-2017(E) Part 1, Part 206_12-10-2017(T)
01_05-10-2017(T)05_09-10-2017-3(E)05_9-10-2017-2(E)05_09-10-2017-1(E)01_04-10-2017(E) Part1, Part 2

TNPSC Current Affairs September 2017


TNPSC Current Affairs June 2017

05,06-06-2017(E) 05,06-06-2017(E)01_04-06-2017(T)02_04-06-2017(E)01-06-2017(E)

TNPSC Current Affairs April 2017

25,26-04-2017(T)30-04-2017(E)29,30-04-2017(T)27_29-4-2017 (E)27,28-04-2017(T)
25,26-04-2017(T)26-04-2017(E)25-4-2017(E)24-4-2017 (E)23,24-04-2017(T)
21_23-04-2017(E)21,22-04-2017(T)14_20-4-2017(T)18_20-4-2017 (E)16,17-4-2017(E)
13_15-04-2017(E)10_13-04-2017(T)11,12-4-2017(E)10-4-2017 (E)8,9-4-2017(E)
8,9-04-2017(T)5_7-04-2017(T)7-4-2017(E)6-4-2017 (E)5-4-2017(E)
4-04-2017(T)4-04-2017(E)2,3-04-2017(E)1-04-2017 (E)1to3-04-2017(T)

02-201702-201724 to 28-201715 to 23-201712_14-02-2017

TNPSC Current Affairs January 2017


TNPSC Current Affairs December 2016

27 to 31-12-201624 to 26-12-201621 to 23-12-2016

November 2016

September 2016

August 2016

July 2016

June 2016

May 2016

1_2-05-201603-05-20154_5-05-20166_7 -05-20168_9-5-2016
27_29-05-201630_31-05-2016 201629-11-201530-11-2015

April 2016

March 2016

February 2016

January 2016

December 2015

November 2015


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thank you so much sir... but please give in english also.....there are no websites like yours... please sir

thanks for your visit....sure ... we will start that soon

please give more mock test in indian polity


thank sir v v v v usefulla page

Really very useful Thankyou .Thanks a lot

Dear friends, thanks for your great support for the TNPSC Daily Current Affairs....I will add English Daily Current Affairs soon

we are getting less time consumption and more energy boost up from your wonderful job...
thank you very much sir...

Welcome friend....thanks for your encouragement, your suggestions are welcome

Thank you very much sir...

kindly upload English material for TNPSC Group 2a examinations

sir, your page very useful...but i want to say somthing....dnt mistake me... past group1 exam(nov 8) contains 44 current affairs questions. but in your portal only half of that informations presented (nearly 22-26 ques) . so i request you to help for getting full score in current affairs sir.... becaz i hope ur website only for standaed informations... thank u and sorry

Thank you friend for your suggestions.... nealy 30 questions asked in the Gr 1 2015 ...now we are inceasing the standard in the recent months....so surely, in future you will be able to 100% current affairs from our materials...all the best !

thank you so much so sir. and send weekly test question papers in pdf file

Sir,, Is there any negative marks for group2A and VAO exam sir???

Is there any negative marks for group2A and VAO exam???

Sir, Is there any negative marks for group2a and VAO exam???

Thank you somuch its very useful

Sir pls publish november month current affairs..

thank you sir for this surety...for this reason only, we are preparing your materials with high confident level...no need to waste the time for search other sites and google...

No Negative marks in TNPSC Exams

excellent work...
need more

sir really good i think this is the only website giving every material in tamil so that thank you

Congratulations for your work....sir am request to you... please provide November month current affairs full collection PDF..
Thanks for again..

sir your service is very good
please tell a good economic book for tnpsc exam

Sir, where can I download the current affairs for 01 Nov 2015 to 20 Nov 2015 .

sir pls we need english current affairs also sir ,

Sure we will update daily English current affairs from new year

Will upload full month compilation with in 2 days

In prelims point of view 6th to 12th std economics portions are enough

Thank you so much sir.
Do well.
Please kindly upload November month whole PDF soon.
Hats off to you

Please upload November currunt affairs

Thanks so much for your help

Sir It's very useful to us. what happen 1/11/2015 to 20/11/2015 Current affairs Questions. Please update that

full november current affairs will be updated soon

please update November month current affairs

saranya mam go to upsc portal or ssc portal

Thank you so much... Pls give in English current affairs......

Thanks a lot kessal sir.

Awaiting for your November month current affairs.... Please update.... and thanks for your support ....

Thanks Mr.Kessal....

can anyone say this website useful for bank exams?because this is my 1st time to visit the site

Dear friend, this website mainly concentrate on TNPSC, TRB, Police exams. You can use the current affairs and other GK tests given in this website for Bank exams. For banking related materials, please visit other websites. All the best!

Awaiting for your November month current affairs.... Please update.... and thanks for your support ....

sir November month anuppunga

Prasanth sir comments lam poduvengala

sir pls give me the general english materials

Hello Sir,

Tax u lot to provide current affairs mon wise. please provide November month current affairs full collection PDF.

really very useful of updating current affairs.
November monthly current affairs upload early.

Sir please provide november full month current affair

Sir this year group1 42 question come from current affairs can u tell me how many question expected for group2a fron current affair section

Sir, this year tnosc group1 ask 42 current affairs can you tell me maximum how many current affairs expected for group2a

Please conduct some GENERAL ENGLISH sir. It will be helpful for those who are preparing for General English ( Including me)

Thank you somuch its very useful.....

Excellent sir I hope this will give more experience and knowledge sir pl give an website of english


Please november month consolidated current affairs

continue your job thank you very much

its good.. great job.. thank you..

In our precious time it will make good guidance.

kindly update daily current affairs


When the TNPSC GP -IV (exam date 21.12.2014) Phase II Counselling will be published.

plz post current affairs sir...u hv stopped on 15th dec

Thank you somuch its very useful.....

good afternoon sir,
i need current affairs from jan2015 still now pls send it in my mail. i can download it. Sabana.suthan@gmai.com

Please update 19dec to 23dec

I want TNPSC Model Question Papers published in Dinamani Newspaper 2015. I need all question papers for free. Can usend these to my mailid? My Mailid is "arunkumareas@gmail.com"


Thnk u sir fr ur respnse.... Can u plz guide us with an idea abt how much importance should be given to current affairs this time for grp 2.... How many questions can v expect ths time frm current affairs sir

Can u tell me the result date of tnpsc group12015?or expected cutoff mark.based on expected cut off mark i will prepare for main exam

Sir Pls upload dec month current affairs pdf soon as soon as possible

dec month current affairs pdf soon as soon as possible

sir pls soon update december month current affairs sir

this site is very useful, thank u

plz post current affairs pdf file everyday sir....its very very useful to me...even i m following ur updates only...so plz dont leave the gap

Good Work Keep going.one suggestion-->Content is very less because General Studies is Degree Standard..So Try to include English Hindu News more if possible.

How to score above 160 pls tell ur opinion sir...

sir we need test for Current affairs alone. if you give that that must be useful for us.Becz nearly 20 que from CA so plz.

Good idea friend...sure we will do it soon

super and many thanks to ur caffairs daily and monthly in tamil.
nowadays i am avoiding search on other websites justcame to our portal for caffairs and others. super pls regularly update all...

very happy to hear it and thank you


such a great work sir, no words to say a great social work sir

thank u sir . its very useful and convenient to me .

Thank you.Good effort. Very useful and apt content. If possible, pls try to add more.

Sir monthly current affairs notes ...where?

Sir where is current affairs monthly notes?

sir your current affairs are useful but please provide in english also, thanking you.

your's effort on behalf of our success is so great and we are very thankful to you for your fabulous job Kessal. We need current affairs related GK along with each current affairs point.


No words to appreciate your selfless service Kessal.

Current events dated 20-01-2016 and after are scrambled.Could please fix it?TIA

Super Very Useful Information

Pls give us Feb current affairs

Sir. Pls post Feb current affairs. .

Sir. Pls post Feb current affairs in single pdf format like January month

Sir. Pls post Feb current affairs. .

Sir, Please Plzz Upload FEBRUARY Current Affairs(2016)....
Its very helpful to us....

Sir. Pls post Feb current affairs. .

Sir,Please Plz Upload FEBRUARY Current Affairs(2016)....
We are eagerly waiting for that....
This Service is very Very useful to us...
I am depending only u for Current Affairs........
Thank you........


Welcome friend....all the best for your efforts !

Thank u so much sir for ur support keep going ur good job..

Please provide in English also sir

It is nice to see you

thank u sir...........

is tnpsc group 2a exam vacancies are reviesed or not? I heared about this 1000 vacancies are increased.Is this true?
is there any chance to increase vacancies?
my cousin marks in tnpsc group 2a :146/200
tnpsc vao :169/200
any chance to get posting?

thank you very much sir... current affairs in tamil very usefull to me.....

thank you for your information. but exam results seakkiram kudunga sir, youngers nilamaya purinjukkonga sir, thank you very much sir.

Very very useful...... thanks for wat u did.... keep it

hi sir,
first of all, hats off to your effort sir in preparing current affairs for students like me.it helps us a lot by reducing our effort to serach in the internet.

but i want to say one thing sir, plz don't mistake me.i wrote a mock on a website somewhere in the internet. there they asked a question about a discovery of dark hole in space by japan scientists on jan 16 2016.but that information was not in your current affairs pdf.

based on this, one small request from me sir, can u please focus more on international and science and technology curretn affairs part plz?....since i think nowdays, space oriented questions been asked frequently.

Thank you for your useful current affairs material....

sir, give us tnpsc portal current affairs and materials in english. please sir

give us current affairs in english please.....

Thank you so much .... this is very useful to me

Thank you sir. It is very useful

what is the cut off to group 2a

my community rank is 372 in MBC

Thank you Sooooo much for all the informations

hi sir,
first of all, hats off to your effort sir in preparing current affairs for students like me.it helps us a lot by reducing our effort to serach in the internet.

but i want to say one thing sir, plz don't mistake me.i wrote a mock on a website somewhere in the internet. there they asked a question about a discovery of dark hole in space by japan scientists on jan 16 2016.but that information was not in your current affairs pdf.

based on this, one small request from me sir, can u please focus more on international and science and technology current affairs part plz?....since i think now days, space oriented questions been asked frequently.

Sir, I have a doubt about I entered details about as I get certificate in computer course in group 4 conducted in 2014.but actually I get certificate from private institution.now what should I do in coming group 4 exam. Should tnpsc take previous details in examination.

Respected sir please send daily current affairs to my mail id ramadayana@gmail.com The site was xery useful sir

sir upload the current affairs after 7th July.. we are waiting

plz updated materials for english.

Ganga Nithi
Ganga Nithi

Sir please update the current affairs after 7th of this month.

sir your informations were very useful to me.............now am group -2a 2016 passed candidate

Very Useful this website ...

sir is there any vacancy post for DSP for the year 2016-2017 in group 1 exam??

respected sir realy daily and monthly current affairs are very very useful to me. thank you sir by A. MURUGAN M.Com., PGDCA.,D.CoP.,DYHE., ULUNDURPET

thank u sir very use full

Please upload as file .could not download..

please upload month wise current affairs....

Please give current affairs in English sir, Still waiting for your response sir

sir need current affairs in ENGLISH also post aptitude model qns

post Current affairs in english

sir please provide the materials for English medium students also ...

hello sir,im currently studying for group
4 please tell me correctly when month to when month they asking for current affairs....

hello sir ,im currently studying for group 4 current affairs when month they start to asking....

Studying at least Last One year current affairs is safe

Hello Sir,
Where i can get the current affairs PDF's in English.

sir group 4 current affairs upto october 20 enough?

Thank you very much

Sir, ur notes r very useful. Pls continue doing this.
Can u tell me from which month we need to study for current affairs in group1, group2a?

Thank you for your appreciation..... you need to study atleast last one year current affairs for any TNPSC exam

we cannot guess...tnpsc may take questions upto the end of OCT 2016

Group 4 , current affairs , yentha monthly irunthu padiknam

sir this is karthick BC for men. i attend group 4 exam…my mark is 172/200. if any posibility to clear group 4. i need you advice. my friend told me cutoff range is start from 180…so i need suggestion and advice.if i have can get a job confirm??.please replay

sir please update daily current affairs


May I know what is the cut off marks (including exservicemen) Group IV 2016

thank you for your supporting

Sir please update Nov 11to15 news

its very useful for TNPSC aspirant.
thank you so much for your valuable effort.

if possible start online coaching for TNPSC group I exam that may be good timely help

November 11-16 Current affairs update Pannalaye y sir???????????????????

Nov 11 to 16 Current affairs update pannalaya sir????

keep updates CA anna superb

Hi Sir, Really your current affairs are very useful. Please keep your service for long.thanks

Please update current affairs after 10.12.2016

Thank u sir,can u update current affairs after 15.12.2016,I desperately need it, thanks again

current affairs in english please

Sir can u upload the current affairs up to 6.1.17

its uploaded already

Hi sir,
iam completed B.sc (IT ) , now iam working IT company , i have resign my job due to personal issue, i want to try government job , How to prepare , please guide me.

thank u sir

Sir. Iam selected forest exam interview... Wat r the qus they ask......

Hi Sir, Please upload the current affairs after 14 Feb 2017 as soon as possible. Thank you.

How many current affairs ques taken from tnpsc portal in this year grp1 exam pls admin tell me sir....

current affairs in english is really useful. Keep doing it daily. Thank you

Very Useful WebSite for TNPSC Students.

Superb keep it up. GOD bless you.


Can u kindly upload in English for the month of January and February

Kindly upload the current affairs in English for the month of January and February

Sir pls Apr month. 27 & 28(T)?

வணக்கம் ஜபா சார்

sir, please add daily current affairs in tamil upto date last june 4 is there ..please update daily i am watching your website

highly useful and detailed website. you are doing a true service to future india. thank you

sir please upload tamil current affairs

Please update june daily current affairs

Pls update Tamil current affair's

Sir , Please up load tamil current affairs from june 4 on wards.

Plz send current affairs after 5 June 2017 tamil

hi What happen with daily tamil current affairs.

Sir Tamils podunga June month current affairs

Wat about Tamil CA

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