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Important Books List for TNPSC Group 1 Exam Preparation New Syllabus Pattern

TNPSC Group 1 Preliminary Exam Preparation Complete Book List

Primary Books
1.State Board books are considered as a primary source of  knowledge which covers almost all areas of TNPSC Syllabus. It is believed that these school books are considered as important source for TNPSC Exam question setting for all Group Examination.  So you should study following school text books.Whenever you study a school text book, keep the TNPSC Syllabus nearer to you. Be sure that the chapter you study is coming under TNPSC Syllabus.
    i)Social Science Books - 6th to 10th Std
    ii)Science Books       - 6th to 10th Std, (Additional 11th,12th Botany and Zoology if you have time)

iii)Polity - 11th,12th Political Science
    iv)Economy - 11th,12th Economics Books
    v)Geography -11th,12th Geography Books
    vi)Indian Culture - 12th Indian Culture Book

2. Arihant General Knowledge 2016 - A must have for all TNPSC Exams. -Buy now.

3.Indian Polity
    i)Lakshi Kanth - Indian Polity

4.Indian Economy
    i)Pratiyogita Darban's Indian Economy & Ramesh Singh's Indian Economy Book

    i)Oxford School Atlas 

    ii)Spectrum Publication -Indian Geography

6. Tamilnadu History and Geography - State board books are enough. If you want to read more, you may refer any one of the following guide books , Sakthi Tamilnadu Manual, Sankar IAS Academy Tamilnadu Book etc.

7.Current Affairs
    i) Newspapers : The Hindu, Dinamani, Dinathanthit, Dinamalar (any one or two of these if time available)

   (ii) Daily / Monthly  Current Affairs by www.tnpscportal.in
    (iii)Any one of the Current Affairs Monthly Magazine like Pothu Arivu Ulagam (Tamil), Competitive Success Review/Civil Service Chronicle/Competition Wizard (English) (Not compulsory , if you have time and money go for it)
    iv)  (iv)Yojana/Thittam  (Mains point of view) 

8.Aptitude (50 marks in Group 1 Preliminary Exam)
    i)A Modern Approach to Verbal Reasoning by R.S. Agarwal
    ii)Quantitative Aptitude by R.S.Agarwal
    iii)Objective Arithmetic - R. S. Agarwal

9.Guide Books for General Studies (Not Important, if you have enough money get your own for ready reference purpose ).  Manual for TNPSC Examinations (General Studies) by MC Graw Hill (Both in Tamil and English ) or any one of the Guides like Tata Mc Graw HillSpectrum or Pearson 

Secondary Books 

(Refer only after studying Primary Books given above. These books are meant for detailed study /  mains point of view also)

    i)Prof.J.Dharmarajan's Tamilnadu History
    ii)K.Venkadesan. India Freedom Struggle

2.Tamilndu Language and Culture 
i)தமிழ் இலக்கிய தகவல் களஞ்கியம் - தேவிரா
    ii) தமிழ் இலக்கிய வரலாறு - மு . வரதராஜன்
3.Science & Technology For Mains Exam
    i)Science & Tech by Spectrum Publicatioins

4.India Year Book by Government of India 

For More Books Suggestions  Click Here  

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sir iam dn"t go any classes only home based study only so referd tips sir

Pls upgrade the syllabus in to pdf or documents format

sir am already preparing for upsc exam simultaneously i decided to write group 1. is it enough to ready NCERT or reading State Board books is must..? anticipating your reply

stateboard books means it is samacher kalvi text books?

Hello , I m am planing to write group 1.....any guide is available or should I refer all books above mntioned

@ usha: first study samacheer completely.then if u have read old syllabus bokks especially science and social science

@ usha; first study samacheer pin to pin manner..then if u have time read old syllabi books especially science and social science....good luck

@ kishore: refer the above mentioned books...all r essential...

@ bharath prasath: ncert s more enough but some facts about tamilnadu s only available in samacheer books, if time permits read,,,

from where can i get these important books through net

few soft copies of books r available in net....to purchase via online jump to flipkart, all books r available except Prof.J.Dharmarajan's Tamilnadu History and K.Venkadesan's India Freedom Struggle

i dont have enough money to buy all these books..so state board books are enough or not

First complete state board books throughly, then your mind will automatically go for what ever the available resources. See now a days all government branch libraries in the villages have enough source for TNPSC and IAS preparation. So dont worry about the money, worry should about your mind.....you should complete all the state board books i have given here. Thks

dear sir
suresh @ i am preparing for tnpc group 1 for the year 2014-15. kindly advice me the approximate no of vacancy for group 1 this year especially deputy collector

Is samacheer kalvi books alone enough or we have to read stateboard and matriculation also? Say whether which one is better 6th to 10th samacheer books or stateboard books?

will the samacheer kalvi books alone enough or we need to read state board books also? Which one is better?

Hey ananda lakshmi..You can get ur books online as soft copy..Dont worry about d money :) All the very best :)
Refer dis website for Softcopy of State Board Books

Really very useful to me.. thanks to all.

wat are al the posts comes under group 1 and 2?

which books should i read? samacheer ? old matric ? old state board?

In state board book we want to read completly all or selected topics

sir .which book i will refer group 1 mains

For TNPSC exams state books must...

how to pass preliminary exam...

what is the diff between TNPSC Group 1, Group 1 A, Group 1 B, Group 2, Group 2 A, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5 A, Group 7, Group 8 and VAO.

Dear Sir,

Whether the eagle publications is enough for Group 1 exam?

no its not enough....first complete 6th to 12th school books

Samacheer book enough for group1 preliminary

how to prepare group exam1 ? i am working i don't have weekend plan to attend weekend class or else can i study my self which is best prepare for working person

should v realy read tamil for tnpsc group 1 exam r v can opt english nd completely avoid tamil?

only through the online ,can i prepare for tnpsc group1,is it possible???

Sir r u conducting any Skype classes for group 1 exam?

Guys did you write group 1 exam last year.. I am gonna write this year.. So can anyone guide me plz.. I am waiting for your valuable tips by ram

Friend are you trying to write ias exam... Can you tell me what you know about study material plz

I wanna prove myself......

I bought all the prescribed books. Where can I buy the following books? I'm not able to find in the online.

i)Prof.J.Dharmarajan's Tamilnadu History
ii)K.Venkadesan. India Freedom Struggle
iii)தமிழ் இலக்கிய தகவல் களஞ்கியம் - தேவிரா
iv) தமிழ் இலக்கிய வரலாறு - மு . வரதராஜன்


Sir how to clear at first attempt the group 1 , what's the each unit percentage of questions , whether general English want to be read

My qualification - SSLC - DIPLOMA 3 YR - BE.




agricultural officer post comes under which group exam sir and please give some tips to prepare sir
by g.venkatesan

dear sir kindly guide me to clear group 1c(deo exam).this is a first time i m going to attend i don't know how to study and also i m a working women i cant go for a class. please guide me..................by maheswari

sir when should i start prepare for tnpsc group 1exams ?i am now 17years old....

Sir ! I want to pass Group 1 .. So which book should i Learn ?? Samacheer or Prefered books For Group 1 available in book stores??


What will be the test

Can you kindly send the link of Current Affairs in English version.

Can you kindly send me the Link of English version Current affairs.

first you read the school text books

First of all I would like to congrats all guys who write to TNPSC Group-1 services exams this year. I am Ayyappan from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

My question i.. If I prepared Samachir Kalvi books (School Standard) after shall I go for ???? Pls give me a valuable suggestion. Its my Carrier.

Sir/Madam, My Mail ID is ayyaappas@gmail.com

Thanks for your kindly information

Can anyone send me group 1 book to my email address (if any one have soft copy). sportengr@gmail.com

Iniya D Pillai
Iniya D Pillai

Sir..Is there any maximum count limit for attending tnpsc GRP 1 for FC candidates??

Hi sir,kindly guide me for tnpsc group 1exam .I am applying for first time. I planned to study from home.please suggest me the books and where can I buy sir. I would be thankful for your support

Sir please tell what are the upcoming group exams

Group 2 Non Interview is expected soon

Thank you very much sir

Excuse me,gentleman i have one huge doubt,becoz frist time i will go to attend group 1exam,the doubt is exam question patterns are tamil or english.why i am asking this question for those are said all are must study to state board syllabus,that reason only

Group 1 preliminary examination questions will be both in Tamil and English, you should study state board books and beyond that some standard text books. because the questions will be in degree standard

What books i have to refer for the current affairs sir? Is there any collection of 2016 whole current affairs in Pdf in this website sir...pls do reply...Thank u sir..

sir can u pls tell me what are books we have to study for ethics and hindu religion based topics pls suugest to study.

Sir... Is it enough if we study only tnpsc related syallabus topics in samacheer books in each standards?? or should we study the whole Samacheer books without leaving any chapters??

only study the chapters which covers tnpsc syllabus...always keep a hard copy tnpsc syllabus with u

is there any negative marks in group 1 prelims..? bcoz am a beginner to study... plz

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