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TNPSC Computer Based Test (CBT) - An Introduction | www.tnpsc.gov.in

What is TNPSC Computer Based Test ?

In order to reduce the usage of paper (which is produced from cutting trees) and reduce the carbon emission to make Tamilnadu a green State, TNPSC has taken this very remarkable measurement of introducing computer based tests for the upcoming TNPSC Group Exams and Various departmental exams . Surely this measures will save lot of trees and make a Tamilnadu a leading green state in India.
TNPSC Computer Based Test Demo

Benefits of TNPSC CBT 

1.It save the candidate's time of shading correct answers.

2.Candidates can easily erase a wrong answer and modify it with new answer. It was not allowed in the previous coding sheets. If we attempted in the old coding sheet our entire coding sheet would be spoiled.

3.There is a option called " Mark For Review / மறு ஆய்வு செய்ய" - By this we can mark the doubted questions  for our review later.

4.Easy Navigation Keys with Previous/Next questions

5.Candidate can easily count the  Total Remaining / மீத நேரம், it will be displayed in the Test Window itself. No need to bring a watch or ask examiner.

6.There is a option to watch  total number of Answered / விடை அளித்தது questions in the screen itself.
www.tnpsc.gov.in Computer Based Test CBT Demo

Instructions to candidates appearing for Computer Based Test (CBT)

  1. The candidate has to appear for the examination at the venue he / she has been allotted to the examination.
  2. Change of centre or venue is not permitted.
  3. He has to carry the Hall Ticket (Admission Card) and same has to be produced at the examination venue.
  4. Each Candidate will be assigned a Computer to take up the examination.
  5. Candidates shall use the Reg_id and password received through SMS and email, immediately after the submission of application, to login thesystem.
  6. Necessary instructions will be displayed on screen. Kindly read all the instructions carefully.
  7. Candidates are not permitted to carry any electronic and/or communication device into the examination hall. They are advised not to bring the electronic gadgets with them.
  8. The Examination will be of 180 minut es (3 hours) duration with 200 questions to be answered. 
  9. The question paper will be bilingual in English and Tamil. For certain Technical Posts, Question papers will be in English only, as specified in the Notification.
  10. Computer Based Test (CBT) is similar to paper pen shading test.
  11. In CBT, questions with four options each will be displayed in the computer screen.
  12. Candidate has to click one of the best answer to the question.
  13. Candidates can proceed to the next question by clicking next button. Or previous question by clicking previous button. Further, they can selectany question by clicking the question number displayed at the bottom.
  14. Candidates can review any question and the answers, and the answers can be changed at any time before the closure of examination. They canskip the questions also , if they desire so.
  15. Use the keyboard only to key-in the Register number, User id (Reg_id) and Password.
  16. Candidate can use only the mouse to select the correct answers and proceed with answering the questions.
  17. Candidates can submit their answers at any time during the examination. If he / she wants to close the examination, he / she canbut shall remain in the seat till the scheduled time of examination.
  18. Once the answers are submitted, the candidates have no option to proceed further.
  19. If the candidate fails to submit their responses at the closure of examination, the system will automatically submit the responses chosen till that point of time of the candidate to the server.
  20. No computer knowledge is required to take up the CBT. Knowledge in Mouse operation is suffice to take up the CBT.
  21. The question and answers can be zoomed to the required level for the candidates with visual impairment.
  22. The Registration will start at 08.30 AM and sharply close at 10.30 AM.
  23. No candidates will be admitted after 10.30 AM. Candidates have to sign the attendance sheet and affix thumb impression for verification of his /her identity.
  24. All the activities of the candidates with the mouse will be recorded in the server and a log file will be created for future reference.
  25. The Examination Hall will be under camera surveillance.
  26. Failure to comply with the instructions or disorderly or improper conduct in the exam hall will entail expulsion from the examination venue or forany action as the TNPSC may deem fit.
  27. To acquaint with the operation of Mouse and the CBT, the candidates can take up the mock test available in the Commission’s website (www.tnpsc.gov.in) and they can practice the usage of mouse in the mock test. Mock test is similar to the CBT to be held on the day ofexamination. In the Mock test, all the steps are given similar to the CBT. Candidate can practice the mock test as many times as he/she likes.

Take TNPSC Computer Based Test Demo

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