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UPSC Announced new exam for TNPSC Group 1 officers to become IAS, IPS officers

Union Public Service Commission has announced a major change in the State Civil Services Officers (Group 1) promotion basis. Before this any person who join as a Group 1 Officer can be promoted as IAS, IPS, etc. with out any exams. Here after all state government officers who are in group 1 grade, have to write a competitive examination  some what equal to present civil service examination.

IAS, IPS Promotion Elegibility Criteria

Experience - Minimum 8 Years service in Group 1 Grade (Deputy Collector, DSP, etc.)

Age Limit :
Not more than 54 years old

Exam pattern for IAS, IPS Promotion

Written Test - 400 Marks

Working Experience - 200 Marks

Service Record Valuation - 250 Marks

Interview - 150 Marks

Total 1000 Marks.

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Hi is this is true for sure.Then our promotion is also for sure, after fixed number of years if we do well in these exams isn't it. Because I hard lots about the fraud involving in promoting state service people now its not at all a issue. Good one

it's really a great work done by UPSC. After perusing this exam they might get more knowledge.

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