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Vision Tamil Nadu 2023 - Strategic Plan for Infrastructure Development in Tamil Nadu

"A vision gives you the impulse to make your own art work. Vision entails a task to accomplish."

Vision Tamil Nadu 2023, a document published by the Honourable Chief Minister of Tamilnadu on 22nd March 2012. This vision targets a growth rate of 11 per cent (GDP) for the next 11 years (nearly 20 percent more than the expected growth rate of India's GDP in 2023).

Targets in Vision Tamilnadu 2013 - A glance
Life Expectancy - Male 70 years, Female - 73 years
Sex Ratio - 998 (Target Before 2017)
Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) - 13 per 1000 live births (Target Before 2017)
Meternal Mortality Rate (MMR) - 44 per 100000 live births (Target Before 2017)
Employment - 4 million
Poverty Ratio - To be reduced to 8 % ( Nearly 18 % now) ( Target Before 2017)
Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP)  - 11 %
Agriculture Growth - 5 %
Industry Growth     - 10.5 %
Services Sector Grouwth   - 12 %
Salient Features of Tamilnadu Vision 2023
  • Increase in Per capita income to Rs.450,000
  • Provide piped and pressurised water to all citizens
  • Eradicate slums by building 2.5 million affordable homes
  • Achieving universal secondary education
  • Developing high-speed highways
  • Creating a second green revolution
  • Developing 10 world class cities in the state.
  • 20,000 MW of additional power generation capacity in 10 years

Important Highlights of Vision Tamilnadu 2023

1. Tamil Nadu as most economically prosperous states by 2023
2. Inclusive growth - including employment for all.
3. Highest Human Development Index (HDI) among all States of India
4. Best infrastructure services in India in terms of universal access to housing, water & sanitation, energy, transportation, irrigation, connectivity, healthcare, and education.
5. To make Tamil Nadu as one of the top three preferred investment destinations in Asia and the most preferred in India with a reputation for efficiency and competitiveness.
6. To make Tamilnadu as innovation hub and knowledge capital of India
7. Preserve and care for ecology and heritage.
8. Transparent governance that ensures progress, security, and equal opportunity to all people.

"Vision 2023 envisages Tamil Nadu becoming one of the top three destinations for investment in Asia and emerging the most attractive state for investments in India."
-Honourable Chief Minister  J.Jayalaltihaa

Useful for TNPSC, SI Selection and all other competitive exams.

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