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முக்கிய தினங்கள் - அக்டோபர் மாதம்

Oct 1     International Day for the Elderly Persons by United Nations
Oct 2     Gandhi Jayanti, International Day of  Non-Violence(Peace)
Oct 3     World Nature Day, World Habitat Day
Oct 4     World Animal Day
Oct 5     World Teacher's Day
Oct 6     World Wildlife Day, World Food Security Day
Oct 8     Indian Airforce day
Oct 9     World Postal Day
Oct 10     World Mental Health day; National Post Day
Oct 11      World Girl Child Day
Second Thursday (Oct 12)  - World Sight Day
Oct 13     World Calamty/National Disaster Control Day(UN)
Oct 14     World Standard Day
Oct 15     World White cane day(guiding the blind), Global Hand Washing Day, International Day of Rural Women
Oct 16     World Food Day
Oct 17     International poverty
Oct 20     National Solidarity Day - Memory of China attacked India day
Oct 24     United Nations Day, World Development Information Day, World Polio Day
Oct 30     World Thrift Day
Oct 31     National Integration Day (In memory of Idira Gandhi), World Savings Day

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