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முக்கிய தினங்கள் - மே மாதம் | Natioinal and International Days

May 1     International Labour Day
May 3     International Energy Day, Press Freedom Day
May Fist Tuesday - World Asthma Day
4-May     Coal Miners’ Day
May 8     International Red Cross Day
9-May     World Thalassaemia Day
May, 2nd Sunday     Mother’s Day
May 11     National Technology Day
12-May     World Hypertension Day; International Nurses Day
May 15     International Family Day
May 17     World Telecom Day
18-May     International Museum Day
21-May     Anti-Terrorism day
22-May     International Day for Biological Diversity
May 24     Commonwealth Day
28-May     World Hunger Day
May 31     World Anti Tobacco Day

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pls post in tamil ....

all mnths day spl post in tamil...

global family day and international family day same or different....jan 1 or may 15

common wealth day march 2nd monday or may 24

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