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New Curriculam / Syllabus / Books for Tamilnadu Plus One, Plus Two Classes - Latest News Updates

05-07-2016 : Plus Two Curriculam Change Latest News in todays Dinathanthi Newspaper.  The newspaper says, Change of the Plus one, Plus Two Class Syllbus and books is under the consideration of the Tamilnadu Government. The Government plans to change the 11th Standard Syllabus/books from next academic year 2017-2018 and  12th standard Syllabus change from 2018-2019 academic year onward. The official announcements regarding this yet to be notified.

News Courtesy : Dailythanthi, 05-07-2016

21-06-2016 : Reason for  Other State Students top  in BE / MBBS and other higher education admissions in Tamilnadu - Educationalists' Openion - Dinamani News Today

The newspaper states that the  syllabus for 11th and 12th standard were changed 10 years ago. And the news article gives openions of some important educationalists seeking to update the syllbaus of Higher Secondary Subjects coping with modern technological developments. 

tamilnadu 12th standard plus two syllabus change 2017 onwards latest news
Dinamani, 27-06-2016

21-06-2016 : When will Plus Two New Syllabus be released ?  - Dinamalar News

The present syllabus which is in use was implemented in the year 2007 . Since, the syllabus was prepared in the year 2005, now almost 10 years are over. Usually, all syllabus in School Education are renewed every five years.  

12th standard new revised book latest newsIn the year 2012 , TN Government has set up a committee under Prof. Nagabhusanarav to prepare new syllabus for Plus Two . The same was prepared and kept open for public openion and sent for Government's approval.  Today's Dinamalar Newspaper article states,  a new committee may be formed again to finalize the Plus Two Syllabus. 

News Courtesy : Dinamalar, 21-06-2016 

Experts Pannel Approved New Syllabus for Tamilnadu Plus One, Plus Two Classes

Tamilnadu Government has decided to change Syllabus for 11th and 12th Standards. There was a committee appointed for the revision of the books of Plus One and Plus Two Classes. The committee was headed by Prof.Nagabushan Rav, former professor in Anna University. There were sub committees appointed 25 subjects. The Expert Panel, headed by Honorable Higher Education Minister P.Palaniyappan has approved the New Syllabus Pattern prepared by the Prof.NagabushanRav Team for the Plus One and Plus Two Classes.

When will the Book Preparation  Work Start ?

At present the new syllabus has been approved by Expert Panel headed by Honorable Higher Education Minister P.Palaniappan. Now the syllabus is sent to the Government for approval. Once the government approves the new syllabus pattern, the book writing works will be started.

When the New Syllabus to be implemented ? 

After the approval of the New Syllabus by the Tamilnadu Government, it will take about 10 months for preparation of the books and correction / editing process. So the Plus One Standard Books are expected to be implemented from the academic year 2015 -2016. The Plus Two Standard Books to be implemented from the 2016-2017 academic year onwards.

What are the new Changes ?

There was a new subject Engineering Mathematics for first group students.There will be major changes in the Physics, Chemistry and Biology Subjects also.

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plus 1 groupwise subjects details only

Nice message I nervous bcoz I'm gong to plus one this year 2014-15

I'm going to plus2 this year how should I prepare to get good marks if there is change in syllabus

by studying properly

can d present teachers handle this new syllabus???

if standard syllabus to be frame most of the teacher have to improve there knowledge as well as student . syllabus should be practical and skill oriented its make knowledgeable,valuable and talented people,instead of exam and mark oriented system.will give more importance of culture,moral and scientific method.education system should be without interference of politics to introduce modern useful education.

Is the syllabus changing this year for plus one or not. Please inform us so that we can start preparing accordingly

12th books chang in. 2017-2018.. Pls inform My WhatsApp number +91 8531804510... Pls inform...

Is it change for 10th std

Enter your comment...whats the new syllabus for std 11th?

pls give the pattern

I want blue print for 11 th students and syllabus of 5m 3m 2m 1m mark questions like as10th

Give more picture for easily understanding and learn practically

plus 1 groupwise subjects details only

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