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TNPSC Study Materials and Model Question Papers - General Science

UNIT – I - General science ( TNPSC Latest, Revised Syllabus)

  1. Universe
  2. General Scientific laws
  3. Scientific instruments
  4. Inventions and discoveries
  5. National scientific laboratories
  6. Science glossary
  7. Mechanics and properties of matter
  8. Physical quantities, standards and units
  9. Force, motion and energy
  10. Electricity and Magnetism
  11. Electronics & communications
  12. Heat, light and sound-Atomic and nuclear physics
  13. Solid State Physics-Spectroscopy
  14. Geophysics
  15. Astronomy and space science.

  1. Elements and Compounds-Acids, bases and salts
  2. Oxidation and reduction
  3. Chemistry of ores and metals
  4. Carbon, nitrogen and their compounds
  5. Fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides
  6. Biochemistry and biotechnology
  7. Electrochemistry
  8. Polymers and plastics.


  1. Main Concepts of life science
  2. The cell-basic unit of life-Classification of living organism
  3. Nutrition and dietetics-Respiration
  4. Excretion of metabolic waste
  5. Bio-communication


  1. Blood and blood circulation
  2. Endocrine system
  3. Reproductive system-Genetics the science of heredity
  4. Environment, ecology, health and hygiene
  5. Bio- diversity and its conservation
  6. Human diseases, prevention and remedies
  7. Communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases
  8. Alcoholism and drug abuse
  9. Animals, plants and human life

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when u will upload the study materials for the above?

pls wait ...soon we will start

when will u upload model question for cdpo?i go through all text books based on syllabus.it would be better to prepare if there s model question papers.

Please upload study materials for the above soon ..
we are so eager to ..

please update TNPSC Current Affairs in Tamil for Last One Year - Download as PDF in english version

surely we will upload in future, for current affairs in english there are lot of other websites like gktoday etc you may refer

Need general scienece material for english pls provide soon

sir, were can i get the study materials for the general studies if u have pls forward to my mail id sethusairam@yahoo.in or pls refer some books its hard to get it any where.....


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