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TNPSC Question Papers - Previous Years | Group 1 1997 (2)

  1. Induced e.m.f directly proportional to
    1. rate of change of flux
    2. rate of change of momentum
    3. rate of change of velocity
    4. none of the above

  2. In a step-up transformer
    1. the no. of turns in the primary is more than secondary
    2. the no. of turns both in primary and secondary is more than primary
    3. the no. of turns in the tertiary
    4. the no.of turns in the secondary is more than primary

  3. In a dynamo
    1. mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy
    2. electric energy is converted  into mechanical energy
    3. electrical energy is converted into heat energy
    4. electrical energy is converted into light energy

  4. Can D.C. voltage be used in a transformer ?
    1. some times
    2. mostly
    3. yes
    4. no

  5. The condition for total internal reflection of light is
    1. a ray must pass from rarer to denser medium
    2. the ray must be in the same medium
    3. the ray must pass in the thicker medium
    4. a ray must pass from denser to rarer medium

  6. pH of neutral water is
    1. 14
    2. 7
    3. 1
    4. 0

  7. Elements having different atomic number but same atomic weight are called
    1. isotopes
    2. isomer
    3. isobar
    4. isotone

  8. Which is the weak acid in the following?
    1. nitric acid
    2. sulphuric acid
    3. hydrochloric acid
    4. acetic acid

  9. A primary alcohol on oxidation gives
    1. aldehyde
    2. acid
    3. ester
    4. ketone

  10. 1.Graphite is an allotrope of carbon , 2. Diamond is a metal
    1. false, false
    2. true, true
    3. false, true
    4. true, false

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Sir, i want tamil gk Q&A

lots of tanx sir to motivate me

sir please upload or link to tnpsc syllabus in tamil becuase most of the students studied till 12std in tamil medium me also.., so its useful for tamil medium students

Thanks for the Questions and answer.....

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