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TNPSC Question Papers - Previous Years | Group 1 1997 (1)

                   From today onwards TNPSC Portal will publish a series of TNPSC Previous Year Question Papers. The series may helpful for you to analyse the question pattern of TNPSC Exams. When you read a single question, don't just leave it, try to analyse the questions and collect all the relevant information to that questions. 
                     For example,
take the first question in the following question series. "EV Ramaswamy Naickers main Contribution ? " - you should collect all important facts about EVR such as Self Respect Movement, Formation of DK, Relevant to Congress, Justice Party, Aringar Anna ect.
  1. E.V. Ramaswamy Naicker's main contribution was to 
    1. Political Reforms
    2. Economic Reforms
    3. Social Reforms
    4. Cultural Revolution

  2. The first province to be formed on the linguistic basis in India was
    1. Karnataka
    2. An dhra Pradesh
    3. Tamilnadu
    4. Kerala

  3. Poona Pact of 1932 provided on
    1. Separate electorate for Scheduled Castes
    2. Reserved seats for scheduled castes in general  electorates
    3. Separate electorate for muslims only
    4. Separate electorate for women only

  4. The aim of founding the Justice Party in 1916 was
    1. To fight for the rights of christians
    2. To fight for the rights of indians
    3. To fight for the rights of downtrodden
    4. To fight for the rights of non-brahmins

  5. DMK party was launched in the year
    1. 1916
    2. 1928
    3. 1937
    4. 1949

  6. Telugu Ganga Project will fetch water to chennai
    1. river Thungabhadra
    2. river Krishna
    3. river Ganga
    4. riiver North Pennar

  7. The first ST women to become governor of a state was
    1. Mrs.Maragadham Chandrasekar
    2. Mrs.Jothi Venkatachalam
    3. Mrs.Sathyavani Muthu
    4. Mrs.Meenambal Sivaraj

  8. Navodaya Vidyalayas are
    1. residential school for talended children
    2. residential school for children from 14-18 years
    3. residential school for forward caste children
    4. residential school for children upto 14 years

  9. __________________was the responsible for the assasination of Indra Gandhi
    1. Nationalisation of Banks
    2. India's recognition of Bangladesh
    3. Entry of army into the Golden Temple of Sikhs
    4. Banning of RSS ad Anand Marg

  10. The leaders who signed the Declaration of the principle of Panch Sheela in 1954 were
    1. Nehru and Chou-En-Lai
    2. Nehru and JF Kennedy
    3. Nehru and Krushchev
    4. Nehru and Marshal Tito

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i want tamil gk question & answer

i want tamil gk question & answer

please give group1 previous year gk questions in tamil

realy ,its very usefull... :-) i've got just 40% ,even its ok.... :-)

hmmm...its cool...realy nice....

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