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Target TNPSC 2014 Test - 2 (English Medium)

Dear TNPSCPortal Visitors, We hope you are preparing for TNPSC Exams very sincerely. Since we have some programmes this week end, we post the Target TNPSC 2014 Test -2 earlier than the promised date (Monday). If you have not finished your syllabus for Test - 2  , dont worry, you have time . You can attend the Test till Tuesday Evening 10 PM. Study well in the week end and attend the test in Monday or Tuesday. Introduce Target TNPSC programme to your friends also. All the best !

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Hello Mr. Kessal!

At the outset, let me express my profound thanks for this wonderful initiative of yours!!! Last time, I took up the test through English language and I could secure only 18 out of 50. I was not prepared for the last week's test. I have taken up the test this time also. I am pretty sure that I 'll secure more this time. You are apportioning the syallbus in a wonderful manner!! I have also recommended this initiative of yours two of my friends. They have also registered their names. May God bless you to continue your services to the mankind forever!!!

With regards,
Mahalakshmi Saravana

Questions are nice. But its quite so simple. nowadays tnpsc group 1 questions are not like this. its difficult. i think questions can be somewhat more complicated.....................PRIYA S N

Where is the key..? I've submitted the test...


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