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TNPSC Question Papers Quiz Format - Indian Polity - Constitution of India -1

  1. In the preamble of our constitution, the word "secular" was added by the 
    1. 5th amendment
    2. 21st amendment
    3. 42nd amendment
    4. 45th amendment

  2. Who of the following was the Chief Draughtsman of the Constitution
    1. Ambedkar
    2. Rajendra Prasad
    3. Jawaharlal Nehru
    4. S.N.Mukherjee

  3. 'Judicial Review' of our constitution was taken from
    1. America
    2. England
    3. Canada
    4. Australia

  4. 'Procedure established by law' was taken from
    1. Singapore
    2. Canada
    3. China
    4. Japan

  5. Republic day is celebrated on 26th January because the congress had been celebrating  'poorna swaraaj day' since 1930. The resolution for that was taken at which Session of Congress in 1929 ?
    1. Ranchi
    2. Ahamadabad
    3. Chennai
    4. Lahore

  6. When was our constitution adopted by the constituent assembly of India
    1. 26-1-1949
    2. 26-11-1949
    3. 26-12-1949
    4. 26-1-1950

  7. "Union Constitution Committee" of Constituent Assembly was headed by 
    1. Sardar Ballapai Patel
    2. J.B.Kribalini
    3. J.N.Nehru 
    4. Gobinath Bardoloi

  8. First meeting of the constitutient assembly was held on 
    1. 26-1-1950
    2. 15-7-1947
    3. 26-11-1949
    4. 9-12-1946
  9. British government had accepted in principle making a separate constitution for Indians through 
    1. Poona Pact
    2. Cripse Mission
    3. August Proposal  
    4. Cabinet Mission Plan

  10. Which ensured creation of Constituent Assembly
    1. Crips Mission
    2. August Proposal
    3. Mount Batten Plan
    4. Cabinet Mission Plan

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British government had accepted in principle making a separate constitution for Indians through
Ans:Cripse Mission Pls tell me.

Based on the report received from cripse mission the british govt accept to making seperate constitution and then form interim govt headed by nehru in the year sep 26 1946.

Ok thanks, i will check and correct the mistake

Thanks ....I corrected...it was the word 'secular'

It was correct...August Proposal 1940 only ACCEPTED IN PRINCIPLE. Pls refer Lakshmikanth Book.

Nice set of questions answers on Indian constitution.

Non compliance of such issues is now very common. And for willing ful non compliances there are hefty penalties also prescrivbed under relavanbt act. One more such are is Section 185 of Companies Act.

very useful for me...bcos u had posted questions in english....keep on doing....thank u so much...

pls update tamil version...

Please update tamil version

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