Role, functions duties and responsibilities of a Village Administrative Officer in Village Revenue Administration

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Village Administrative Officer or VAO is the basic v level administrative functionary. He is assisted by one village assistant.

Main Duties and Responsibilities of a Village Administrative Officer are 

Revenue Records : Preparation and maintenance of records related to village revenue and land records

Tax collection : Land revenue, tree tax and others
Recovery of dues to the government

Reporting Functions : Reporting higher authorities about important happenings in the village such as unnatural death, caste feud, objectionable encroachments etc. 

Certificate Issue to farmers.

Enquiry and Petitions : To furnish inspection and enquiry reports on petitions 

During Natural Calamities : Immediate reporting to higher authorities about natural calamities and assisting in relief operations and rehabilitation measures.

Data Collection : Gathering Field Level data about Below Poverty Line ( BPL), Civil supply and Consumer Affairs

Abolishing Bonded Labour : Being vigil over incident like bonded labour

Election Duties : Arrangement of polling booths during elections
Issue of Solvency Certificate for bail purposes. 

(Basics of VAO Study Materials Series - 1)


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