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TNPSC Model Questions Online Test - Science - Biology

Test Portion  : Biology Basics and Cells

  1. Who coined the term ' Biology' ? 
    1. Aristotle
    2. Socretise
    3. Lamarck
    4. Linneus

  2. The famous book titled ' system a nature ' was written by 
    1. Lamarck
    2.  Charles Darwin
    3. Whitekar
    4. Linneus

  3. Who is called as 'father of taxonomy' ? 
    1. Carl Linneus
    2. R.H.Whittaker
    3. Aristotle 
    4. Benjamin Stuff

  4. 'Five Kingdom Classification' was proposed by 
    1.  Henry lamarck
    2. Charles Darwin
    3. Carl Linneus
    4. R.H.Whittaker

  5. Which one of the following pair is wrongly matched
    1. Frog - Rana tigrina
    2. Cow - Bos indicus
    3. Housefly - Musca domestica
    4. Dog  - Felis domestica

  6. Match the following
    1.Hepatology    A. Study of liver
    2.Gerontology  B. Study of algae
    3.Phycology      C. Study of lizards
    4.Saurology      D. Study of ageing
    1. 1- C, 2- D, 3- B, 4- A
    2. 1- A, 2- D, 3- B, 4- C 
    3. 1- B, 2- C, 3- D, 4- A
    4. 1- D, 2- B, 3- A, 4- C

  7. Which of the following statement about 'cell' is wrong ?
    1. The smallest cell is Mycoplasma gallisepticum
    2. The longest cell is neuron
    3. Cell theory was proposed by Robert Hook
    4. The biggest cell is egg of ostrich

  8. Mitochondria was discovered by 
    1. Palade
    2. De Duvi
    3. Boveri
    4. Altman

  9. Which one of the following part of the plant cell is called as ' kitchen of the cell' ?
    1. Chromoplasts
    2. Leucoplast
    3. Chloroplasts
    4. Vacoule

  10. Centrosome was discovered by 
    1. Palade
    2. Altman
    3. De Duvi
    4. Edouard Van Beneden

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Please update Tamil Version also.
Please sir

good ...keep it up...

Please update Tamil Version also.
Please sir....

questions will asked in eng or tamil

10 th qualification ku ethuku sir english

for question 7
neuron is actually the longest cell in human body
and in question 10 , Centrosome was not discovered by boveri , it was only named by him
Centrosome was discovered by Edouard Van Beneden

when will group 2 A phase II counselling???? any idea friends


please update Tamil version also.

Tamil version is useful for more members


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