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TNPSC Online Test - History - Indus Valley Civilization

  1. Meaning of the word ' Harappa ' in Sindhi language is _______
    1. Town Planning
    2. City of Dravidians
    3. Burried City
    4. Mount of the dead

  2. Which of the following information about the Indus Civilization is wrong ?
    1. Every house had a well and a bathroom
    2. There were dust bins infront of every house 
    3. Houses were multi storied
    4. Every houses  had windows
  3. Indus Valley People did not use the following mineral
    1. Iron
    2. Coppor
    3. Bronze
    4. Silver

  4. Main occupation of the Indus Valley People was ______
    1. Trade and Commerce
    2. Architecture
    3. Handicrafts
    4. Agriculture

  5. The word ' Mohanje-daro' means ______
    1. Portified City 
    2. Garden City
    3. Trade city
    4. Mound of dead

  6. The famous great bath was excavated in
    1. Harappa
    2. Mohenjadaro
    3. Lothal
    4. Suktagender

  7. 'Terracotta' in indus valley civilization was 
    1. coins
    2. pottery 
    3.  burnt clay
    4. all the above 

  8. Indus valley civilization belongs to _________ age 
    1. Iron Age
    2. Old Stone Age
    3.  New Stone Age
    4. Copper Age

  9. The first metal known to man was ________
    1. Siver
    2. Gold
    3. Copper
    4. Bronze

  10. Which of the following is  correct about Indus Valley Civilization ? 
    1. Street Lights
    2. Dust bins
    3. Drainage System
    4. All are correct

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asi am a beginner, from wher and which book to start for my preparation. indeed

Refer Arihant 2015

iam try hard work

I GOT 100%

Gud aftn sir. I Just completed the above history test. I Have one doubt sir. the question no 8. ie. the Indus Valley Civilization belongs to which age ?? pls convey this answer to me ?? in this portal there are two answer showing correct for this qn. that is bronze and chalcolithic age and copper age. which is the answer pls reply sir. yours thenmozhi.

Indus valley civilization belongs to copper age(chalcolithic age) brother

Harrapan civilization belongs to Copper age (Chalcolithic Age)

chalcolithic period otherwise called as copper age

U need to start from samacheer books. It is the basic for tnpsc

Q.No.2.regarding houses of Indus valley civilsation Every house did not have front window to avoid dust, but had side windows to let light and air in.

Q.10, How these people could have used STREET LIGHTS in their period?
Please clear my doubt anyone?!

Yes it is in the ncert book, u may refer this link also https://www.importantindia.com/908/town-planning-system-of-indus-valley-civilization/

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