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TNPSC Online Test - History - Pre-historic events

  1. Recently the eggs of the dinosaur were excavated near 
    1. Arikkamedu
    2. Dharmapuri
    3. Ariyalur
    4. Trinelveli

  2. What is the expansion of 'CE' ?
    1. Christian Era
    2. Centenary Era
    3.  Centemo Emini
    4. Common Era
  3. The old stone wage paintings of a women with her child tied on her waist hunting with an arrow is found at 
    1. Pimpedca
    2. Luni Velley
    3. Karnool
    4. Athirambakkam

  4. The  first animal domesticated by the man was ?
    1. Horse
    2. Cat
    3. Rat
    4. Dog

  5. Wheel was invented in the _______________
    1. Bronze Age
    2. Coppor Age
    3. Old Stone Age
    4. New Stone Age

  6. In which one of the following places of Tamilnadu, the new stone age weapons were not found ?
    1. Salem
    2.  Madurai
    3. Puthukottai
    4. Thiruchirappalli

  7. Bronze is made up of  _________
    1. Iron + Chromium
    2. Coppor + Gold
    3. Coppor + Tin
    4. Iron + Maganese

  8. Pre-historic period means 
    1. The period where tertiary sources only available
    2. The period where primary, secondary and tertiary sources available
    3. The period where written evidence available
    4. The period where no written evidence available

  9. The dresses of old stone age people were made up of ________
    1.  Skins of animals
    2. Cotton
    3. Leaves
    4. All of the above 

  10. Old stone age place 'Pagalghat' is located at _______
    1. West Bengal
    2. UttarPradesh
    3. MadhyaPradesh
    4. Karnataka

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thanks so much for the mock test

Bronze is an alloy of copper and zinc...do check it frnds

Thank u for your correction....updated now.

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