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TNPSC Introduced New One Time Registration and Candidates Dashboard - How to Create yours ?

In recent years, TNPSC has made many unique reforms in the exam pattern and online services.  TNPSC Online Application System completes nearly 5 years. Now TNPSC has introduced new facility called  'TNPSC Candidates Dashboard'  - by this new initiative the Certificate Verification Process will be made more easier. By which TNPSC can even conduct the CV with out the personal appearance of the candidates. The Commission can verify digital form of Certificates uploaded by the candidates appearing for various TNPSC examinations using this new 'TNPSC Candidates Dashboard' . 

What are the new changes ?

1. TNPSC One Time Registration is Made Mandatory

Till now, One Time Registration was an optional. Candidates could directly apply online for particular examination paying the both One Time Registration Fee and Examination Fee together. Here after, all candidates should have One Time Registration First.

2. TNPSC Dashboard

Candidates who do not have One Time Registration should register now . They will be provided User ID and Password for TNPSC One TIme Registration. Using these credentials, candidates can create their own Dashboard. This new TNPSC Dashboard facilitates the candidates to  update or change their information. 
tnpsc new candidates dashboard  www tnpscexams net
Screenshot of www.tnpscexams.net 

3. Candiates can create their User ID, Password themselves.

Previously, candidates were not allowed to have their own user id and password. They have to use the system generated user id and passwords, which was little tough to remember. Now the candidates are free to have their own username and passwords.

4. Candidates can check their Online Applications in the Dashboard 

Using this facility, candidates are allowed to see the the exams, applied by the candidates. 

5. Candidates can know how many number of free attempts details

Till now, candidates could not check the details about number of free attempts availed by them. Now they can check the free attempts details themselves. 

6. Forget Password - Candidates can change themselves. No need to contact TNPSC Office

7.Certificates Upload Facility 

Candidates can upload their Age / Community / Educational qualification certificates online. It will ease the process of Certificate Verification. If there some problem in the Certificate only, the candidates will be called inperson for CV.

FAQ about TNPSC New One Time Registration 

1. Who should register for TNPSC One Time Registration ?

All candidates applying for TNPSC Exams should first Register your details with One TIme Registration. Candidates who have previouly applied TNPSC Exam directly with out One Time Registration, you should  register  now using OTR. 

2. I have already have One Time Registration, should I apply again ? 

No need  to register again, but  you have to furnish additional details asked for and they can creat their own Dashboard by using their One Time Registration ID and Password already provided by the Commission.

3. Is there any fee for TNPSC One Time Registration ? If yes, how to pay that ? 

Yes, One Time Registration Fee is  Rs.50/ . You can pay using your debit (atm) card /Credit card / internet banking/ bank or post office. 

TNPSC One Time Registration Website 

Step by Step Guide for TNPSC One Time Registration given in the TNPSC Website 

Go to  http://tnpscexams.net/  .   Click   on >>>>>  OTR Illustration  /  How to apply?

TNPSC Helpline for One Time Registration
If you have any queries / doubts in applying One Time Registration, Please contact TNPSC  using this number 1800-425-1002

For Technical Help : +91 8754000961  

Email ID :   technicalhelp@tnpscexams.in     

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other than tamil nadu is not coming in communal category and unable to complete the application

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same ẅith me... so i cudnt apply fr grp2(a).. tdy is lst date... plz let me knw if u knw anytin fr ts prob! -naveen

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Sir, When i apply for VAO exam application wrongly i choose one option (general studies with English instead of Tamil). all process completed now i want change this can you help me how to change in Online

Sir, I Can't open my one time reg user and password.

Sir, I was wrongly my friend One time registration number. So i have an activate my friend OTR. how can change the mail id

If I did any mistakes in one time registration, what can I do?
Sent the detail for I am asking above question
jayamravik7@gmail.com r else call this number 7402108128.

hi sir My name Prasath, i did one mistake for one time registration , my photo is changed, how to edit my Profile.. pls Help me

Hi Sir my name is Prasath, i was wrongly update my photo and signature pls advice how to edit and reapply the one time registration

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sir i have wrongly entered my photo what can i change the photo


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Sir, I had updated all the details in first time registration and submit. alert shows Login ID not valid.kindly help us.

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Dear Sir,
how can i change Date of Birth in one time registration

sir i wrongly entered my date of birth in one time registration pls tell me how to edit change the one time registration personal details of my date of birth.


How to change photo in One Time Registration..
sent to my email: venkatvenkadeshkumar@gmail.com

How to change photo in One Time Registration

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Sir,I have first former of one time registration. Second form upload photos upload after can't save and continue

DOB change
i have wrongly mistyped entered my date of birth as (correct)24/01/1997 instead of (wrong)21/01/1997. I can not edit my profile in one time registration. Kindly i request you to enable the profile edit option.

am yogesh . i wrongly entered my date of birth in application , i also use the edit option in site .it is not highlighted ,my application no is 615555274. my date of birth is 12.09.1994. instead off that 12.09.1984 is entered .so please help me

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I too had that same problem ...how can i change?

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dear sir
I can apply for group4 posts but I don't know how many times I could appear the exams. This time also i can fee concession but i cannot sure 3times are available are not.so I want to pay for the group4 exam.But I cannot change any further modification for the payment.please rpy me sir

Sir I wrongly entered the father name so how to change the personal details for one time registration pls help me and reply me

dear sir,
I wrote tnpsc group 4 two times.first time I paid fees second time I had fee concession. For tnpsc librarian I had fee concession. This time for group 4 do I have fee concession. ? I am a degree holder and I belong to BC community. kindly reply me ,sir.

BC with Degree = You have Three Free Chances ...so you can apply this group 4 also with out exam fee

please check through edit option

sir i dnt register the one time reg iam new user its not coming sir showing error

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my account not activated.the link provided is not working. i couldn't register my details again it shows ur personal details are already exist.

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Madam,it's same problem for me any edit information detail please share me.

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HOW TO CHANGE MY Name of the Sub - Caste / சாதி....

Whether i should use my father name as initital or my husband name . Bcoz in certificate it is in my father's name but all gov id proofs it is in my husband's name as initial . Now to apply tnpsc or bank what should i have to do. Please reply

I want to change my father name "m.rajakumar" to m.rajkumar" which is I mentioned in my proof.But I tried in already registered user,that option is not enabled.So,I need to create new login for applying Tnpsc group1 exam.So,Please tell me the way as soon as possible because I have to apply for TNPSC GROUP1 and last date for registration is near.please tell me the way for slight change .new userid or other option? Thanks in advance

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i want change my date of birth for one time registration

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did u try edit application option

Yes sir,but it is hidden ,I am not able to change that.

Hello sir I have entered all my details and I gave submit but it showing login id not available now what i can do sir I am new user

sir i tried to create a new onetime registration but after filling all the details a popup shows that details exists. so i tried to sign in my old account which was created in 2014. successfully i logged in but the page shows a payment option. do i have to renew my old account by paying 150 rs again? pls help me

This comment has been removed by the author.

sir please be noted i have wrongly updated my birth year in one time registration in tnpsc portal.how could i make changes..please help

Hello sir I have wrongly updated my father name in one time registration in tnpsc please help me sir

How to change the father name

after onetime registration renewal.. first three atempts are free or not

Did u find a way to change it. If so pls guide me my numb 9840603535

I also entered wrong sslc year of passing in part 1 of OTR

sir i have wrongly entered my Date of birth How can i change the Date of birth pls help me

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I wrongly entered my name of education board as matriculation but it is State board

Any possibilities to correct online application mistakes

I have completed my one time registration. But I have mistakenly given year of passing as 2013 instead of 2011 MAY in SSLC Category. How can I correct this details?. Please let me know.
Thanks in advance

I have wrongly mentioned in the SSLC year of passing column as 2004 instead of 2002. So I tried to make correction on my error column in OTR renewal form. But I couldn't change that column. Finally I registered and updated with that error sir. So, How can I rectify it?. Please guide me
Thanks in advance
Email id: jayabalaji14@gmail.com

i forgot to renew onetime registration. i can't login now. pls help me.

Sir,i have wrongly uploaded my photo in one time registration and have finished further process.Now what can i do???

Have you got the solution? Please reply here if yes.

sir i registered one time registartion in the year 2013, i forgot log in ID , PASSWORD, EMAIL ID and phone number, what should be done ?? please help

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