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TNPSC Group 1 2015 Exam Cut Off Analysis

TNPSC Group 1 Exam Expected Cut Off Analysis Response Sheet . To see the TNPSC Group 1 2015 Expected Cutoff Prediction by www.tnpscportal.in Click Here

From the recent conversation with the successful aspirants the Group 1 2015 cut off marks are nearly same as our prediction. For example, Cut off for BC is nearly 118 correct questions. All other categories also near to our assumption.

(± 3 Questions )

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Sir,I an BC MUSLIM femalr.. i am 112 questions correct...how about my chances to write mains.please reply for my query sir.Thank you

Dear sir ,,,
i got 128 marks (appollo and nr key)BC male... Any chance to going mains....

wish you all the best ! bright chances

Chances are there....the cut off will be around 115

My score is 100 sir bc pstm male is there any chance

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thanks sir you.... in your current affairs materials cyclone GONI(japan) is wrong .. plz conform that... if i got 1 mark. my mark is 129

Hi, I got 102 qns correct, B.C. female. Is there any way?

Thank u sir..

I got 122 correct, BCM (MALE) candidate. what about my chance of getting selected?

Respected sir,
I got 112 questions correct I'm a SC male candidate . Any chances of getting selected for mains sir ?
Awaiting ur response eagerly

Yes chances are there... go ahead

Bright chance

It seems this year cut off will be around 110-115 for bc

Border score...there may be chance

Thanks for the correction I will check.
.all the best

thank you for your reply sir

thank u sir

Sir I got 110 questions correct.and I'm a bc candidate....is there any chance to clear prelims??

sir....for BC male.....does 130 marks is enough for further exam??

Sir I got 110 questions correct.. And I'm a bc candidate... Is there any possible to clear prelims!??

Sir getting 121 general...what are my chances??

i got 128 mbc sir.do i have a chance?

Sir , I got 121 questions correct... sc male...what about chances of main exam ?

Thank You Sir,What would be minimum cutoff for BCM? and May I know what was the cutoff of 2014 and 2013 Group I?

118 - OC female. any chances sir?

Sir what will be the cutoff for BCM female.?......plz reply


sir i am b.c male i got 135 question correct any chance

guna sekar. sir i am physical disable (Ortho) i got 86 question correct. any chance to main examination.,

I got 109 questions right sc(a) category if I can pass the preliminary sir

Hi sir,
I hve done 110 and i am BCM FEMALE .any chance for mains exam.

Hello sir,
I got 115 and belongs to SC male .Is there any chance to get into mains?

Dear sir...
In tnpsc key my mark was totally decreased.... from 127 to 120 .....

sir iam bc male 108/200. any chance

Safe score prepare for mains

Still u r in safe side

Some time only .... bcaz the cut off is expected more than 110

May be...not sure

Very safe ...go ahead

Yes u have chances but not sure

Good score ... go ahead

Good score ... go ahead

Pls reply sir.

Sir i am BCM femalr..i am getting 112 by apollo key..114 by NR key...108 by TNPSC key...some anwers seems wrong in tnpsc key..will tnpsc correct it sir?......this is my first attempt with self preparation..am i eligible for mains..waiting for your reply sir..

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sir iam bc female..as per official key i got 131 questions..shall i prepare fr mains????

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sir Iam Sc male. i scored 108 correct qns. is there a chance to clear pre'lms?

Sir , Iam a SC Male candidate. My score is 117. Is that safe?

Sir, Iam DNC female candidate. My score is 108. Is there any chance. please reply me sir.

sc female 104.. is it possible to clear?

i am getting 121 questions correct from official key...do i prepare for mains???

i am SC--getting 121 questions correct from official key..do i prepare for mains??

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kessal sir,i got 121 qns correct as per the tnpsc off key and i belongs to mbc category..shall i start for the mains?..plz guide me..

sir am getting 130/200 as per official key...i belonged to bc (female)....is there a chance fr me??? pls reply sir

sir i got 121 qsns correct according to tnpsc key but (my score 125 qsns correct according to appolo and NR) is there any chance for mains?

Hi Kessal sir,

You are doing very good job with tnpscportal website!!!!
your inspiration,guidlines and meterials are very usefull for us .
Most of the group 1 current affairs questions came from your material
Thanks a lot!!1 KEEP IT UP UR WORK

sir, for MBC male what will be the cut-off??

sir i got 112 correct 7 qs on doubt bc male how good am i???

hello sir im BCM male 114 official answerkey any chances tel pls

Sir am bc female my score is 118 is there any chance? Am very confused. Pls reply sir

hi,sir. what is the group 1 cut off for pstm candidate?am female bc pstm candidate



sir now i m checking my score reduced to 115 qsns correct according to tnpsc key Is there any chance to write mains?

Dear Sir, BC FEMALE score is 120. there any chances? pls reply soon?

Dear Sir
Iam chitra BC My score is120 is there any chance?

hi kessal sir
i m bc male. i got 116 qsns correct in tnpsc key. Is there any chance to write mains pls reply sir i m in great confusion

Sir Iam BC Female... And I got 133.5 marks out of 300.. will I get qualified for Main Exams?

Sir i am BCM female,i got 108/200.. acording to tnpsc key..but 112acording to apollo key.....will i clear prelims?plz reply sir

Sir, Im SC male got 112 marks .will i get selected for mains .

bc - male - 117 right. any chance?

Respected sir ,
I got 112.5 marks BC male... Any chance to going mains....

My Score is 110 and am a BC Female (PSTM) ...Is there any chances Sir...?

Sure to enter into mains..prepare well..all the best

Sir my score is 109 mbc female ...is there is any chance???

Sir what is the expected cutoff for sc

Sir my score is 99 sc(a) male (gen) official key.sir shall I have go to the mains sir.

Sir my score is 92, sc female..Is there any chance for me to go to mains

Sir, BC(M) - Female - as per the tnpsc's GROUP -1 official key, 110/200 questions are correct 82/150 in GS and in 28/50 in Aptitude. I felt the question paper is tricky and bit tougher than the previous years. I would like to get started for the mains. Please confirm if 110 is good enough to clear off the prelims

Hi, Just a follow up on hte TNPSC mains which held on July and August for Group 1 and Group2 which i wrote this year. I am BCM female. Want to check if how was the feel for Group 1 & Group2 mains question paper. Was it tough or standard or easy. To conclude I have finished the exams with the (Mains Group1 :1st paper:130-140 / 2nd paper:200-220 / 3rd paper:145-160)
(Mains Group2 : 180 - 210)
If possible, share your tentative scores please

Sir whether you u r qualified for mains or not...iam preparing for upcoming grp 1..so need to know d exact cut off

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