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TNPSC VAO Exam Important Notes for Last Time Preparation by Sriram Coaching Centre, Tirunelveli

Sriram Coaching Centre, Tirunelveli used to publish brief notes just before every TNPSC / TRB Exams. It published VAO Basics study notes for the VAO Exam 2014 just before the exam date, fortunately about 20 out of 25 questions in the Basics of Village Administration Section were asked from Sriram Coaching Centre's quick study materials. If you have started your VAO Exam  revision or preparation, just have a look into this valuable study materials. www.tnpscportal.in thanks Mr.P.Rajalingam. BA.,B.Ed.,D.T.Ed.,DCTT, Founder of Sriram Coaching Centre, Puliyankudi, Tirunelveli District for sharing this valuable study materials for TNPSC VAO aspirants. Post your valuable suggestions about this study material in the comment section below. You can contact the Sriram Coaching Centre @ 86789 13626 .

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can i get the pdf in english please

english pdf please

Give material in english also

kindly please update the information and upcoming pdfs in english version too

please upload VAO notes in English also

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