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Basic Facts of Science

20 Basic and important facts about science. Memorize the new facts.
  1. The word 'science' comes from the latin word 'scientia' means 'to know'
  2. Thermodynamics deals with heat transfer and the conversion of heat to useful work through physical movement or chemical reaction
  3. Acoustics is study of sound waves
  4. Basic natural Forces are four in number .Gravitaional Force, Electromagnetic Force, Weak Nuclear force and strong nuclear force
  5. Quantum physics studies about the structure and behaviour of atoms.
  6. Biophysics studies about the physics of living organisms
  7. Chemistry is divided in to two - Inorganic and organic chemistry
  8. Inorganic Chemistry is the study of the preparation, properties and reactions of all chemical elements and their compounds, except those contain carbon. (However some simple carbon compounds such as carbonates, carbides and carbon oxides come under inorganic chemistry.
  9. Organic Chemistry studies relation of carbon compounds. Carbon forms the main constituent of protein, fat and carbohydrate etc.
  10. Analytical chemistry deals with the composition of substances.
  11. Physical chemistry studies about the structure of matter,
  12. Electrochemistry- chemical changes  due to electric currents
  13. Photochemistry - Chemical reaction caused by the interaction of light and matter
  14. Biochemistry - Chemical processes inside living organisms
  15. Astrochemistry -origin of the chemical constituents of universe
  16. Father of biology - Aristotle
  17. The term 'biology' was first used by Lamarck (France) and Trevirenus (Germany)   in 1801
  18. The term 'botany' comes from greek word 'boskin' which means grassing
  19. Theophrastus is called as the father of botany
  20. Morphology -structure of living organisms
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