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Time Management Tips for Your Exam Preparation | Study Tips - 12

All of us have the same time of 24 hours a day. But we see, some of our friends succeed easier and earlier than us. What makes this difference ? . That is none other than managing and utilizing time. Toppers use time better than the average and below average candidates. Thus it is very clear that anyone can become a topper, if he/she use his/her time effectively.

Are you a good at time management ? 

Take this small test. Mark the following questions if you are yes, otherwise leave them unmarked. 

I easily loss my concentration
I don't have a planning diary or notebook
I frequently postponing things
I frequently late for appointments, some time miss them
I have no idea of motivating force with in me
I spend lot of time in phone call
I frequently use internet for browsing or chating
I have not set goals in my life

Now add all the ticks you made and note the total count.

Score 0-2

You are good at time management. Keep it up.

Score 3-5

You face some issues with managing your time, you need to get some changes in your current time management practices.

Score 6-8

You are weak at time management. If it continues, you may face some serious disappointments in your life. Act today and plan your time now.

How to be a good at time management ? 

  • Do not postpone things
  • Have achievable goals
  • Plan every minutes of your time
  • Be organised in spending your time

Tips to save your time

You have 24 hours of precious time a day. If you are not using every minute effectively, you will waste all your efforts. 

Take a time audit yourself. Generally  the word 'audit' is commonly used in financial management for evaluating how each and every pennies of money have been spend and finally come with a report. Like that, sit and  do a self analysis of your time expenditure.

  1. Write down each and every tasks you do from morning wake up to night going to bed.
  2. Then write down how much time you spend on each task.
  3. Strike out unavoided tasks such as brushing, bathing, eating, travel etc.
  4. Mark the time spend for studies from the list.
  5. Now count the unmarked tasks, they may include chating with friends, sleeping during day time, playing computer games, etc.
Now compare the 4 and 5 countings. 

If you find 5>4, make plans to convert the wastage of time useful for your exam preparation.
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