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Environmental Science - Part 1

  1. The term 'environment' was first introduced in ecology by whom ? Answer
    Jacob Van Uerkul (Biologist)
  2. What is meant by 'environmental enginering' ? Answer
    Environmental engineering is the study of technical process, used to minimize pollution and to assess their impact on the environment.
  3. The word environment derived from which language? Answer
    French word ' environ' or 'environnes' meaning 'around'
  4. What is meant by 'environmental stress' ? Answer
    Environmental stress is considered any environmental influence that causes a discernible ecological change.
  5. What is environmental ethics ? Answer
    Environmental ethics refers to the moral relationship between human and the natural world.
  6. What is Envirnmental Impact Assessment ? Answer
    It is a written analysis or process that describes and details the probable and possible effects of planned industrial projects.
  7. Who are the 'Environmental Working Group' ? Answer
    A public interest research group that monitors public agencies and public policies on topic related to environment.
  8. When earth was originated / Age of earth ? Answer
    4.5 billion years ago
  9. When life appeared in the earth ? Answer
    3.5 years ago
  10. First living thing appeared was ? Answer
    Blue green algae.
  11. What are the two types of environment ? Answer
    Abiotic - Physicak Environment. eg. Air, water and soil, Biotic – Biological environment. eg. Flora, fauna and micro organisms
  12. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in USA started in the year ? Answer
  13. When did UNO organised a conference on the human environment ? Where ? Answer
    1972 , Stockholm
  14. Earth Submit ' was conducted in the year ? Where? Answer
    1992, Rio de Janeiro
  15. How many countries attended 'earth submit 1992|' ? Where ? Answer
    182 Countries and 102 head if states.
  16. Issues discussed in 1992 earth submits are ? Answer
    Global warming, forest protection, ocean pollution and population control, but good solution were not arrived.
  17. UN Population and Development Conference was conducted in the year ? Answer
    1994, Cairo
  18. Arrange the continents according to forest coverage ? Answer
    North America (77.3 %), South America, Russia, Australia, Central Africa, Africa, Europe, Asia (28.2 %)
  19. In India how many floral species are available ? Answer
  20. In India how many floral families of plants available? Answer
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