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Indian Economy Quiz - 1

  1. What is Gross Domestic Product ?

  2. Explain what is Gross National Product ?

  3. What is the formula for Gross National Product (GNP) Calculation ?

  4. Who made first attempt to calculate National Income of Indians during British Period ?

  5. What was the national income during 1911 and 1913 who calculated it ?

  6. Who was the first person made scientific calculation of National Income in India ?

  7. When was the National Income Committe was formed in India ?

  8. Who calculates Percapita Income in India at present ?

  9. How many times the base year for percapita income calculation was changed so far in India ?

  10. Human Development Index is prepared by whome ?

  11. Who developed HDI ?

  12. Human Development Index in India is published since ____________?

  13. What are the criteria based on which HDI is prepared ?

  14. What are the major changes made in the HDI in the year 2010?

  15. What are the Changes in Health Dimension of HDI in the year 2010 ?
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