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Tamilnadu Census 2013 Final Report - Full Details | Important for TRB, TNTET, TNPSC, TNUSRB Exams

The final census data of 2011 has been released on 31.05.2013 by the Tamilnadu Joint Director of Census Department M.R.V.Krisnarav.

The Census in India is being conducted once in 10 year. The Census for the year 2011 was conducted in the months of February and March 2011.

There were questionaire with total 29 questions. The employees collected information from  people of Tamilnadu. There were 1,60,000 Field Staff and 19,000 Supervisors were employed for taking Census. Along with them District Collectors, Thasildars etc. involved in the Census processs.

Tamilnadu Census 2011 Key Details

According to 2011 Census,

Total population in Tamilnadu is 7,21,47,030 .

Total Number of Men   - 3,61,37,975

Total Number of Women  -3,60,09055

City Population   -  3,49,17,440

Village Population  - 3,72,29,590

Total Increase of Population from 2001 - 2011 - 97 Lakhs. Among the increased population Villages account for 23 lakhs and Cities account for 74 lakhs.

Sex ratio in Tamilnadu 2011 Census

The sex ratio (the number of females per 1,000 males) of 2011 Census is 996, It is an increase of 9 points from 987 in the 2001 Census. Sixteen districts accounts for sex ratio in excess of 1,000.

Child Sex Ration in Tamilnadu 2011 Census

Child sex ratio is calculated between age group of zero to six years 2011 census accounts 943 girl children per 1000 boy children. It was 942 in the 2001 Census.

Literacy rate in Tamilnadu 2011 Census

Total literacy rate in Tamil Nadu is 80.1 %.

Male literacy rate - 86.8 %

Female literacy rate - 73.4 %.

The top three districts for literacy rates are

Kanyakumari at 91.7 per cent
Chennai at 90.2 per cent
Thoothukudi at 86.2 per cent.

Lowest Literacy Rate Districts are

Dharmapuri at 68.5 per cent
Ariyalur at 71.3 per cent
Krishnagiri at 71.5 per cent.

SC/ST population in 2011 Cesus of Tamilnadu

The Scheduled Castes (SC) accounted for nearly 20 % of the State’s population. Total 14.4 million SCs, among them 9.5 million in rural areas, while 5 million in urban areas.

Agriculture Labourers in 2011 Census

Total Agriculture labourers are 42.1 % of the total workers in Tamilnadu. It is a decrease compared to the 49.3 per cent% in 2001.

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