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TNPSC Previous Year Questions Series - 1 | General Knowledge

TNPSCPortal.IN introduces this Old Question Paper Series to train all TNPSC Exam Preparing Candidates. This series covers physics question in the TNPSC General Knowledge, Science Syllabus.

  1. A TV camera 
    1. Converts light impulses into sound
    2. Converts light impulses into electrical impulses
    3. Convert electrical impulses in to light impulses
    4. Converts electrical impulses into sound

  2. Unit of work done is
    1. Metre
    2. Watt
    3. Second
    4. Joule

  3. The gas used refrigerant for refrigerator is
    1. Freon gas
    2. Ammonia gas
    3. Liquid Oxygen
    4. Liquid Nitrogen

  4. Nodes and antinodes are formed in the
    1. transverse wave
    2. progressive wave
    3. stationary wave
    4. longitudinal wave

  5. Which has the shortest wavelenght ?
    1. X Rays
    2. Gama Rays
    3. Alpha Rays
    4. Beta Rays

  6. The best conductor of heat among the liquid is
    1. Water
    2. Mercury
    3. Ether
    4. Alcohol

  7. Which one is correct about X - rays 
    1. do not affect photographic plates
    2. do not ironise the gas through which they pass
    3. are not deflected by electric fields
    4. cannot pass through glasses

  8. Sound travels at maximum speed in 
    1. Vaccum
    2. Water
    3. Air
    4. Steel

  9. Which one converts electrical energy into mechanical energy ?
    1. Dynamo
    2. Transformer
    3. Electric motor
    4. Inductor

  10. A nanosecond means
    1. One second
    2. One thousands of a second
    3. One-millionth of a seond
    4. One-billionth of a second

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