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குரூப் II, IIA 2020 (New Syllabus) Test Batch - Starts from 7th June 2020 !

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TNPSC Question Papers Quiz Format - Science - Scientific Laws

  1. If an apple is released from  an orbiting spaceship, it will 
    1. fall towards the earth
    2. move at a higher speed
    3. move along with the spaceship at same speed
    4. move at a lower speed

  2. The period of revolution of a geostationary satellite is
    1. changing continiously
    2. 365 days
    3. 30 days
    4. 24 hours

  3. Whe  the speed of a body is doubled, its kinetic energy becomes
    1. quadruple
    2. half
    3. double
    4. one-fourth

  4. A horse pulling a tonga moves forward due to the force exerted by
    1. the tonga on the horse
    2. the horse on the tonga
    3. the horse on the ground with his feet
    4. the ground on the horse's feet

  5. It is easier to roll a barrel than to puss it because
    1. the full weight of the barrel comes into play when it is pulled
    2. of a reason other than those mentioned
    3. the surface area of the barrel in contact with the road is more in the case of pulling
    4. rolling friction is much less than sliding friction

  6. A ball tied with a string to a rotating shaft revolves at uniform speed. As the shaft is suddenly bought to rest the string starts getting round the shaft with the angular velocity of the ball
    1. decreasing
    2. increasing
    3. remaining constant
    4. becoming zero

  7. The weight of a body is
    1. the same everywhere on the surface of the earth
    2. maximum at the equator
    3. maximum at the poles
    4. more on the hills than in the plains

  8. The gravitational force with which sun attracts the earth is
    1. more than the force with which the earth attracts the sun
    2. constant throughout the year
    3. less than the force with the earth attracts the sun
    4. same as the force with which earth attracts the sun

  9. Who propounded the universal law of gravitation 
    1. Galileo
    2. Copernicus
    3. Newton 
    4. Kepler

  10. Atmospheric pressure is measured with a
    1. hygrometer
    2. hydrometer
    3. altimeter
    4. barometer

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