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UPSC Civil Service Exam Attempts and Age Limit to be increased

IAS Exam or Civil Service Exam conducted by UPSC is a dream of most of the youths in India. Some achieve the success with in one or two attempts. Many aspirants try the exam through out there age limit and face failure due to very limited number of attempts and lower age limits. For decades, there were Civil Service Aspirants through out India have been requesting the increase of attempts and age limit. Finally, now the UPA Government has listened their voices. 

Present age limit and number of attempts
General Candidates - 30 Years , 4 Attempts
OBC Candidates - 33 Years, 7 Attempts
SC/ST Candidates - No limits in Attempts

The expected Changes
The Government has planned to increase 2 attempts for all categories. Which means General Candidates will be given 6 attempts and OBCs will get 9 attempts. And also, it is believed the government will increase the age limit atleast two more years.
The changes will be implemented from this year UPSC Civil Service Exam 2014 Exam itself.

Dear TNPSCPORTAL visitors, if you are sincerely preparing for TNPSC Group 1 or Group 2 Exams, you may attempt for Civil Service also.
All the best !

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