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Indian Economy Online Model Test for TNPSC Exams - 2

Dear TNPSCPortal visitors,  It was so long gap for Model Test in Quiz format. The main reason was lack of time. Today onwards you will have one or more model tests regularly. Keep visiting our site daily and introduce your friends . Join TP with facebook and Google Plus to get noticed of latest model tests and study materials.

  1. Which of the following is true about the "Indicative Planning"
    1. works based on available capital 
    2. changes entire market system which prevails
    3. works through the market
    4. this planning method is run by the short term goals

  2. When the living standards of people improves, the demand will 
    1. first increase and then decrease
    2. will not be affected
    3. decrease
    4. increase

  3. The year of great divide in the indian economy is
    1. rapid growth rate of population after the year 1921
    2. decreasing sex ratio after the year 1921
    3. decrease in the death ration after 1921
    4. decreasing female infanticide after 1921

  4. Who prepares national income estimates of India
    1. World Bank 
    2. Finance Ministry
    3. Indian Statistical Organisation
    4. Central Statistical Organization 

  5. Industrial Investment Bank of India was formerly known as
    1. IDBI
    2. IRDA
    3. BIFR
    4. IRBI

  6. First private telephone service launched in India at
    1. Delhi
    2. Indore
    3. Agra
    4. Mumbai

  7. Which of the following factors will not contribute India's economic growth
    1. ISRO research
    2. increasing savings
    3. population growth
    4. industrial growth

  8. Which one of the following is not correct about planning commission
    1. Planning Commission was started in 1950
    2. Prime Minister is the chairman of Planning Commission
    3. Planning commission is a advisory body
    4. Planning commission is a constitutional body

  9. Deputy Chairman of the planning commission of India 
    1. will be the Vice President of India
    2. will be the planning minister
    3. enjoys the rank of a cabinet minister
    4. will be the renowned economist of the nation

  10. Overall objective of Indian Planning is
    1. regional prosperity
    2. justice with socialism
    3. growth with socialism
    4. growth with justice

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