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TNPSC Model Online Test - General Knowledge - 2

  1. Which one of the following is wrongly matched
    1. Bengal's Sorrow - Domodar River
    2. City Beautiful  - Chandigargh
    3. Emerald Isle - Greenland
    4. City of Palaces - Kolkata

  2. Which is called as the Garden City
    1. Washington
    2. London
    3. Rome
    4. Chicago

  3. The country called as 'land of maple'
    1. Canada
    2. Korea
    3. South Africa
    4. Cuba

  4. "Rose pink city" of India
    1. Agra
    2. Pune
    3. Nagpur
    4. Jaipur

  5. The head quarters of 'Universal Postal Union' is located at
    1. London
    2. Basra
    3. Belgrade
    4. Berne

  6. The popular 'Greenwich' town is in
    1. Australia
    2. England
    3. America
    4. Canada

  7. Amazon river flows in
    1. Brazil
    2. Canada
    3. South America
    4. North America

  8. World's largest producer of copper 
    1. Argentina
    2. Brazil
    3. Cuba
    4. Chile

  9. Which of the following country is the topper in Manganese production
    1. Argentina
    2. USA
    3. India
    4. China

  10. Servants of India Society  was founded by
    1. D.K.Karve
    2. Henry Durant
    3. M.G.Ranade
    4. G.K.Gokhale

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once again a great thanks for restarting the tests &refresh us.sir when is gr2 result?


Dear viki....thanks for the words of encouragement ..... TNPSC Group 2 December 2013 results may be published at any time.....we can expect with in this week or next week

VAO Study materials in tamil version

thank u for ur reply sir.a great service..

please update the questions in tamil language

superb but i want more papers

can u send me more papers for practice

Sir pls give links for tnpsc gr 1 main materials in tamil at success books shop

very nice in short time i will approach to get full marks

thank you sir, please update tamil laungage....

thanks for restarting the tests sir. pleae update tamil.many persons can read tamil and very easy to remember..If u can update VAO QUIZ,again thanks a lot for ur good job.

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