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Police Awareness for TNUSRB Exams : First Information Report ( FIR) - Basic Facts

Thanks The Hindu, 02-06-2014

Chennai  City Police has launched Helpline for public to complaint about non registration of First Information Report ( FIR ) by police official. It is an initiative by Chennai Commissioner of Police, S.George.

The helpline to inform about complaints regarding FIR   044-25615086

  • An informant or complainant shall file an FIR to a Station House Officer (Officer in charge of a respective police station)
  • FIR should be in written format. If the complainant is illiterate, the Station House Officer will make it written.
  • FIR should be filed as soon as the incident happens. 
  • For complaints on cyber crimes , bank and land frauds ( larger sums over Rs.200,000/-) can be approached the CCB (Central Crime Branch) located at the Commissioner office, chenai.
  • Any police official from the rank of Head Constable only can register FIR.
  • The original copy of the FIR with petition should be sent to the jurisdiction court and another copy to the investigating officer.
  • If a police official refuse to file an FIR, the complainant can approach superior officer of the SP rank. 
  • The police official can refuse to register an FIR under section 157 of CCP. 1973 for cases of theft or loss less than Rs.50/-.

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