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TNPSC Group 2A Exam 2016 Expected Cut Off Marks

TNPSC has conducted the Group Two Non Interview Posts exam on 24-01-2016 for filling up 1947 Non Interview Posts. The official Answerkey for TNPSSC Group Two Exam  is now published at the TNPSC Website www.tnpsc.gov.in. You can download the TNPSC Group 2A Official Answer key from the following direct link of the Commissions website.

TNPSC Group Two Non Interview Exam 2016 Expected Cut Off Marks Analysis by www.tnpscportal.in

TNPSC Portal 's Group 2A 2016 Expected Cut Off Prediction 

CommunityExpected Cut Off
+ or – 3 Correct Questions)
OC 150 
BC (M)143
SC (A)135
*Cut Off – Number of Correct Questions

**For women candidates of the respective categories , the cut off may be 2 to 3 marks lower than the given cut off
*** This is only an assumption based on the responses , we have to wait for the Group 2A result for original cut off.

Radian IAS Academy's Group 2A 2016 Cut off Predictions 

TNPSC Group Two Non Interview Exam Expected Cut-Off
Here all numbers indicates Questions not Marks.
OC(Males) 153 +3(or)-3
OC(Females) 150 +3(or)-3

BC(Males) 148 +3(or)-3
BC(Females) 147 +3(or)-3

MBC(Males)145 +3(or)-3
MBC(Females) 143 +3(or)-3

BC-Muslims(Males)140 +3(or)-3
BC-Muslims(Females)136 +3(or)-3

SC(Males)140 +3(or)-3
SC(Females)138 +3(or)-3

SCA(Males)138 +3(or)-3
SCA(Females)135 +3(or)-3

ST(Males) 134 +3(or)-3
ST(Females) 130 +3(or)-3
For PSTM deduct around 4-7 Qns in the respective Category.
For PH  deduct around 5-15 Qns in the MBC category only.

OC(Males) 150 +3(or)-3
OC(Females) 148 +3(or)-3

BC(Males) 144 +3(or)-3
BC(Females) 142 +3(or)-3

MBC(Males)142 +3(or)-3
MBC(Females) 140 +3(or)-3

BC-Muslims(Males)137 +3(or)-3
BC-Muslims(Females)133 +3(or)-3

SC(Males)136 +3(or)-3
SC(Females)134 +3(or)-3

SCA(Males)135 +3(or)-3
SCA(Females)132 +3(or)-3

ST(Males) 130 +3(or)-3

ST(Females) 126 +3(or)-3

Courtesy : Radian IAS Academy Website 

How was this year Group 2A exam ? 

Many friends have expressed that the Group 2A 2016 was little tougher than previous year exam. So the cut off mark also expected to be little bit lower than the previous year cutoff marks. 

TNPSC Group 2A Exam 2014 Expected Cutoff Marks
12-12-2014 : Today TNPSC has Published Group 2 Non Interview Posts ( TNPSC Group 2A Results) in the TNPSC's Official website. http://www.tnpsc.gov.in . Check your result from the following direct link.

TNPSC has released Official Answer Key (Download)  for TNPSC Group 2 A Exam   (Non Interview Posts) which was conducted on 29-06-2014  . The following expected cut off  analysis is based on 5000+ TNPSCPortal visitors' responses. This cut off prediction is not final, the original TNPSC Cutoff may slightly vary from this.

www.tnpscportal.in 's Group 2A 2014 Expected Cut Off Prediction 

Community Expected Cut Off
+ or – 5 Correct Questions)
OC  157 
BC 155
BC (M) 150
MBC 155
SC 145
SC (A) 135
ST 130
**Cut Off – Number of Correct Questions

***There is no big differences between the responses of male and female respondents . So the cut off for women of respective community also will be nearly same as men. ***

(When will TNPSC Group 2 A Exam 2014  Results ?

What is the Minimum Qualifying Mark for TNPSC Group 2 A ? : As per TNPSC 's Group 2 A Notification   Minimum  Qualifying Marks for TNPSC Group 2 A is 90 Marks for all Communities . Don't think that by securing minimum qualification mark, you can get selected in the exam. The qualifying marks and cut off marks are not same. Cut off Marks will be determined by the nature of the question papers and  competition in the exam .

Previous cut off prediction of  www.tnpscportal.in
Note : The below is our assumption based on about 3500 responses received from Cut Off form based on private coaching centre answer keys. 

Next update with original answer keys marks tomorrow (04-06-2014)

GT General 165 + (Correct Answers)
Women 160 + (Correct Answers)
BC General 162 + (Correct Answers)
Women 157 + (Correct Answers)
BC (Muslim) General 155 + (Correct Answers)
Women 150 + (Correct Answers)
MBC General 160 + (Correct Answers)
Women 155 + (Correct Answers)
SC (A) General 152 + (Correct Answers)
Women 147 + (Correct Answers)
SC General 157 + (Correct Answers)
Women 152 + (Correct Answers)
ST General 152 + (Correct Answers)
Women 147 + (Correct Answers)

Dear Visitors , your valuable comments are welcome. Please convey your openions in the below comment area.

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Dear Sir,
Is it for VAO or Group 2A?

Sorry for the mistake, now it was corrected as Group 2 A . Thanks

Sir, I have got 149 correct answers. I belong to BC male. Is there any chance..


sir i am getting around 150+ correct answers and belong to BC female. Kindly let me know what are the chances?

Dear sir,
i nearly got 140 correct questions, is there any possible for BC male sir

Group 2A

Sir,I have got 122 correct answers. I belong to BC female..is there any chance

sir i got 145/200..I belong to mbc(female)..English medium..Exam was average to me. Am i eligible for selection?

140 question correct

Got 162/200. BC Female. Is there a chance?

Sir i got 148 right..90 +58...i'm belongs to SC Male..hav i any chance?

sir i am 135+ in group 2A.is there any chance

123 female BC
Is there any chance
How to convert to 300 .

Sure u will get it...

will get it all the best..

friends kindly post the answers for general studies

sleep well ..... u ll get if this score is true

bro u r in safer side as gs is tough

do u know t answer for q about aryans weapons????

hope for the best if u come under general category itz bit doubt ...all u can do is pray god

sis u r in safer side

least chance sis .... don give up convert this 122 as 155+ in next exam hopefully for grou 4 services

if u come under bc or oc bit doubt

have a chance bro but not sure ....

m bc muslim 92 english + 55 gs total 147 .......is there any other muslim ???? pls share ur score so that it will be usefull for our community ppl and our brothers

Sir, i got 150/200. Is there any chance.. Let me know abt the cut-off for BC female

Sir...am BC Muslim female ..i got 152/200....is there any possibility?

Sir,i got 153\200.I belongs to MBC male.what will be the expected cut off.Is there any chance for me to reach the target

i have browsed in some websites its bow and arrow,sword,axes and spears.in this order they have given

Sir I got 127 belong to mbc female will i get chance sir

Sir, i have got 142/200, BC,Female.. Is there any chance???

i am mbc female i got 150 questions correct is there chance for me

Sir i got 110/200.qns correct, mbc female any chance

Dear Omar

My score is 90 (Tamil) + 39 = 129. BCM / Male.

Any Chance Bro?

Could you please update me as how the competition is going on between Muslim community peoples in the TNPSC/TET exams now a days?

My earlier update is not a score. Number of correct answers, that means 129/200. Thank you.

I got 140 bcmuslm any chance

Sir I got 147/200 qns correct oc male is there chance for me pls reply me


I got 150/200 oc male any chance for me

dear sir i scored 131 questions ri8 ...myself belong 2 mbc female sir...there s any chance?

Anyone above 142+ there is a definite chance of getting a job

sir i got 131 questions ri8....myself belong to mbc female can i get a chance sir?

For 110 question it s better to start preparing for another exam....

Thanks. The score is correct and it's true. Got 97 for GE and 65 for GK.

sir i got 144/200 under mbc category.any chance

140+ there is a chance to get

SIR I GOT 105/200 (60 GT, 45 GS), BCM, MALE, IS ANY CHANCE?

dear sir, i got 163/200... i belong to general category, female... how about my chances of getting thru?

dear sir, i got 163 out of 200.. female, general category.. how about my chance?

Hello sir, I answered 155 group 2A qns correctly and I am Bc female is there any chance for me?

sir, i got 130/200 under mbc catagory female is any chance


hello sir i got 131 in group2a ....my community is sc and i m a female ....is der any chance???

Sir I got 126/200 ,SC Female Is there any chance for me

sir i got 126/200 SC female is there any chance

sir i got 150+ question hv a chance

i am bc male. score 150+ q hv a chance

I think this time the minimum cutoff will be 145 ...bcoz GT was quite easy..Good prepared one can easily get 85 ...GS bit tough..A'm i right?

I think this time the minimum cutoff will be 145+...bcoz GT was quite easy..Good prepared one can easily get 85+...GS bit tough..A'm i right?

I think this time the minimum cutoff will be 145+...bcoz GT was quite easy..Good prepared one can easily get 85+...GS bit tough..A'm i right?

Hello sir, 138/200 BC Male , what is the status?.....

Not sure....

Sure u hav great chance..


U will get it...

U will definitely get...All the best....Accrdn 2 some sources 145+ is safer..can get a job....


U will definitely get...All the best....Accrdn 2 some sources 145+ is safer..can get a job....

Thanks a lot sir..

I got 153 questions correct and I am a SC candidate...Is there any chance?

I got 153 questions correct and I am a SC candidate..... Is there any chance?


I got 153 questions correct and I am a SC candidate...Is there any chance?

i am mbc male my answers will be 145-150 is there any chance

Hi sir. In Group2A Exam i got "135/200. I belong to "MBC Male". Ethum chance iruka sir.....?

iam karunanithi iam correct questions 137 bc male


142+/200, BC, FEMALE, AGE 38.. IS IT ANY CHANCE?

Hello I l get 140 BC ,is there any chances

Hello I l get 140Bc is there any chances

Dear sir.. My name is Aishwarya.. i got 150/200.. Female n BC category. . Is there any chance??

hi iam mbc female i correct 130 question if any chance in group 2a

hi sir, i am 147/200, bc male is there chance for u?

sir I got 146/200. sc female . is there any chance?

Hello sir, 125/200 is ans correct, BC(OH-80%) Male , what is the status?.....

sure mam, advance congrats

i got 162/200 bc male...do i have any chance?

Sir, i got 135/200 correct answers MBC female.is there any chance for me to clear

No Chance, Please improve your performance in Tamil and concentrate for Group 4 will be conducted on Oct 2014.

Omar, Please answer for my previous questions.

Sir i got 113/200 in group 2a exam ,bc muslim,female .:-is there any chance to get job

Hi i got 138 MBC male is there any chance

149 - BC female .. Will I get the job sir

sir i have got 138 MBC male any chance is there


No chance improve ur performance in next exam

murugaiah / mbc/M.sc / age 39/ 158/200. any chance for me?

Sir,i am oc female...130 correct answers...any chance

Sir i am oc category,but my husband is sc category,i got 130 ...any chance for me sir...kindly reply me sir...

Sir i am oc women,my husband sc we got intercaste marriage...i got 130 any chance for me sir

any chance in cut-off -mark sir.pls

salaamalaikkum brother ....i have one of my fren who belongs to our community he had scored 144+ and we have some competition but when comparing to all other community our community ppl going to compete with very few ...i mean in 100 not more than 10 muslim ll write this exam..in this ten only one will give the exam with perfect shot other 9 will give as formality on their parents compulsion so hope for the best .... i can say 145+ will be safer side for our ppl..u better ask ur muslim frens about their performance note ::: ask with the one who really prepared for the exam.

salammalaikkum u r in congrats

salaamalaikum bro ......145+ will be safer side but ur score is not bad hope for the best

if this happen for sure ill give u a big treat

salamalaikum bro... never give up brother convert this 105 to 155+ in next call fare

feel chill u r in ... u have a great chance

i answered bhai admin need to approve

sir i will get135-140 sc.will i get?

thank u sir

suganya kapildev
suganya kapildev

sir, I got 90+55=145. I'm MBC Female. Pls tell whether i can get into main exam.

Sc female 154/200 any chance?

Sc male 130 correct. is there any chance

Salamalaikkum prayer lead to success let almighty gives job who works hard. I heard question paper out- source dinakaran

Allaikkum Salam, Thanks for the reply and update. I think and understand our community Females are doing well than Males. Definitely I will post if I have any details. Thank you.

Sir i got 152 marks and i'm bc female.. S ther any hope?

Bc muslim 148 any chance

Sir my name s samsu. I got 137 mark. I am BCM Caste. There s posible sir

sir i got 136/200 mbc female is there any chance?plz anyone reply me

i got 144/200 bc female. is there any chance?

TNPSC GR2 A i got 137/200 SCA male if any change?

i got 125(GT -85, GK - 40) Bc Women is there any chance

hi this is aswini i have written my first competitive exam and i ve got 153 in group 2a and i dont know whether its enough to get selected and am mbc female . pls reply me someone

Dear Admin,
I belong to SCA, 150 correct answers in Group 2 A, as per ur prediction for me cut off might be 155+, could I know how much samples u have received from SCA? Thanks in advance. eagerly expecting ur reply.

Hai Bro me too belong to SCA, i am expecting 150/200, could i know ur Group 4 community rank pls?

Hello Frnds i got 154 /200 . . Is there a possibility to get in. .i blongs to BC (male)

GT easy. GK tough so cut off 145 + is to be expected for bc

dont worry chance is there.bcoz gk was tough.

Dear Arun. About 75 responses ... Most of the SCA candidates replied 145-150.. Any how. You should wait till the result .... All the best

Good chances are there ...but competition more in Mbc ... You have to wait till the result

97 in GE really great score ... Congrats !.... You can give some guidance en TNPSCPortal visitors ... Pls contact. jjjindia@gmail.com

Dear Omer ... Appreciate your way of conversations with other commenters .... The cut of I given may a 5 marks plus or minus in all communities . .This is because many people have responded lavishly with out even checking their answer key ....

sir i wiil get 135-140 sc female.will i get? pls reply

no way

Oh !!! Sir, Thanks for ur reply....

I got 50 questions wrong is there any chance...I am BC

dear frens those whoever got more than 155-160 in bc community feel that u r in safe side........ n above 162+ sure shot u r in....
for sc community itz bit difficult to say
other then above mentioned ie, mbc , st , bc-m if u score more than 150 u may hav gr8 chance

what ever past is past never turn back, feel proud if u have any improvement when comparing to ur previous performances.... dont give up keep preparing go hard competition is getting more tougher.....

Great words Omar ... I agree with you.....and advise all the TNPSC Aspirants Don't Give Up....You have more chances this year itself ....TNPSC Group 4 Announcement is expected this month, TNPSC Group 1 Exam 2014 and Group 2 Interview Posts Exam 2014 will be announced this year ..... So keep running towards your goal ....All the very best !

Good Chance. If you crossed 150+ is a very good chance. Let we waiting for the result.

Congrats Ashika!

sir, i'm b.c male scored 159/200 pls tell me surely i will get job or not

Dear Sir and Omar,

Good morning.

Could you know the approximate result date of TNPSC G2 (Inter view post) which conducted on December 01, 2013. What is the reason for delay? Please advise.

Omar, If I read it firstly, I understood as "You Have Group 8 Chance". Keep smile.

sir iam b.c male scored 159/200 pls tell me surely i will get job or not

May you have a Great Chance Amir. Good work and Good mark. Let we see the result and continue your preparation.

I have Score 141.....I belong to BC(M).Is there any chance do i get select.

ajmal even u know itz very difficult to guess our governments next move leave it to fate ,,,, n prepare for next exam .... then how much did u score in group 2 prelims???? if above 130 pls start preparing for mains

sir my correct answer 157/200 bc male community... any chance

Hi sir i got 153/200 MBC male can i get the post in group 2A .?

Sir I got 143 ques correct belongs to MBC male.is there any chance

Hi sir, Hi omar. yow two are doing a great job. Thanks for your service for the TNPSC aspirants.
According to NR key I got 163+..(GE 95,GS 68+) qns correct. Age 25 Bc male.

In last group lV I scored 160/200(overall rank 202) and got JA in TRANSPORT department. Now, is there any chance for me to be in top 50 or 100

Yes You Got it.....and may be you will be in top 50 or 100s..... All the best !

sir, i am jothi. 150+ qns correct. BC female. is there any chance?

sir , I got 151 questions right...SC male....what about the chances sir??

Thanks Omar, I have scored 125 (GT 75 + GK 50). I know I am in the border but unable to come for any conclusion also I have used this time for VAO and G2A preparation and improved myself now a days than G2 Prelims.

Belong to BC, you will be in the safer side if you scored 5 marks additionally. Next time please update the exact right answer and avoid to mentioning 150+. 155+ etc. Hope for the best sister.

May there is a chance Vignesh. But don't stop your preparation and continue it up to G4 will be conducted on Oct 2014.

May there is a chance Vignesh. But don't stop your preparation and continue it up to G4 will be conducted on Oct 2014.

I would like to know the cut off marks for BC category in Group 2A xm.
Can anyone answer?

I would like to know the cut off marks for BC category in Group 2A xm.
Can anyone answer?

Hai kessal I am expectng 146. bc muslim.male.is thr any chance to get qualify...

Friends, TNPSC - Group 2 A Official Key has been released. Check it out.

sir i got 147 questions correct. Iam BC female, is there any chance

Omar, I got 151/200. Is there any chance to get a job in GRP 2A?

ramesh sir i got 117 correct i am bc tamil medium any chance?

could anyone pls tell me wt ll be the cut off for mbc female

sir i got 145 questions correct , i belong to bc female is there any chance of clearing the exam

may i know how many candidates ahead of me in mbc female as per ur survey sir

sir i got 145 questions correct , i belong to BC female . is there any chance of clearing the exam?

Dear sir i got 156 questions correct according to tnpsc official answer key..chances of getting through exam sir..

Please refer the cut off marks which updated by Admin above.


Hi Frendz...!

I got 140/200 SC-male-1982

any possible ???

Sir,155/200 sc-male.what are my chances?

expecting???? make sure of ur marks bro exception cant helpas competion is very tough

bro maximum of ppl in tnpsc portal alone scored 150+ then thing about others in tamilnadu itz very tough to say now

i got 146/200. Community SC male.. Any chance fr within cut off ??

Assalaamu alaikkum umar, bcmuslim male 147 any chance.

Hi sir,
I am ashokpandi.I got 137/200 for grup 2 A .there is any chance to get job.pls reply me


@janani Ya there is a chance..All the best.....

Dear Sir, Based on TNPSC Answer Key - 155/200 - BC Male.. Is there any chance ?

i have one doubt cut off mark is considered as a correct question for 200or convert into 300 marks ya sir.please clear my doubt

i got 127/200 and belongs to sc female.Is there a chance?im in urgent need of a job.pls guide me.thx.

Sir my mark is 148/200 sc male is there chance for me??

This comment has been removed by the author.

i got 127/200 and belongs to sc female.Is there a chance?im in urgent need of a job.pls guide me.thx.

Sir, i got 152 correct answers .Is there any change to get job.I belong to BC category Female.

i got 151 in group 2a and i am MBC can i have chance to get .?

mr.ajmal they have given 155 for mbc female but i va got 152 as per official key .
ll they call for

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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