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85 Lakh Total Registered Candidates in Government Employment Offices of Tamilnadu ( tnvelaivaaippu gov in )

26-06-2015: 84,97,402 (Eight Lakh Ninety Thousand Four Hundrend and Two) Total candidates registered in Tamilnadu Employment Offices till 31-03-2015. This data is released by the Employment Training Department.
total employment seniority tamilnadu employment office status
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Details of Candidates - Educational Qualification wise

Secondary Teachers - 80777
Graduate Teachers - 391816
Engineering Graduates - 200000
Arts Graduates - 426000
Science Graduates - 569000
Commerce Graduates - 322000

News Source and Courtesy : Tamil Hindu Newspaper, 25-06-2015 

01-03-2015 : Total Employment Registration in Tamilnadu reaches 84 Lakh

According to latest news on Tamil Hindu news paper, the total candidates registered in Tamilnadu Employment Offices 84,68,293 
Secondary Teachers  - 234890Graduate Teachers   - 447669Engineering Graduates - 2993 
News Source : Tamil Hindu, 01-03-2015. 

20-02-2015 : Tamilnadu Employment Renewal Special Concision Grace Period is going to end on 7th March 2015. So the Directorate has asked the candidates to renew their employment registratoni with in the Grace Period. 
News Source :  மார்ச் 7க்குள் வேலைவாய்ப்பு பதிவை புதுப்பிக்கணும்!மீண்டும் இன்னொரு வாய்ப்பு கிடைக்காது.

27-12-2014 : Chennai District Collector has asked all the candidates who failed to renew their employment registration for last three years 2011, 2012, 2013 to renew now before 07-03-2014. -Dinamani News, 27-12-2014. வேலைவாய்ப்பு பதிவை புதுப்பிக்க வாய்ப்பு  Read news

13-12-2014 : Happy News to candidates who failed to renew your employment registration for last three years (2011-2013)  !  You can renew your employment registration from 14-12-2014 to 07-03-2014 .  Avail the concession before March 7, 2014. All the best !
News Source : Dinamalar newspaper, வேலைவாய்ப்பு அலுவலகத்தில் பதிவை புதுப்பிக்க தவறியவர்களுக்கு வாய்ப்பு: தினமலர் செய்தி எதிரொலி Read news

12-12-2014 : Today there is a news regarding the 3 years employment renewal concession in the The Hindu, Tamil newspaper. 3 years concession for the candidates who failed to renew their employment registration was announced by the Honourable Minister P.Mohan on 11-07-2014 in the legislative assembly. According to the concession, the persons who failed to renew their employment registration during 2011, 2012 and 2013 years will be get a chance to renew it in the 2014-2015 year. But this announcement is not fully implemented due to the lack of Government Order . The candidates through out Tamilnadu are seeking  employment offices and the same reply comes from the officials that they didn't receive proper GO from the state governmennt. 

It is expected the Tamilnadu Government may soon release the Government Order in this regard. 

15-11-2014 : More than 8 Lakh Candidates are waiting for the proper announcement from the government about Employment Renewal Concession. News Courtesy : Dinamalar

வேலைவாய்ப்பு பதிவை புதுப்பிக்க அரசு அறிவிப்பு வெளியாகுமா: 8 லட்சம் பேர் காத்திருப்பு  Read news

It is a happy news for all job seekers in Tamilnadu who failed to register their employment registration before the registration expiry date. On 11.07.2014, Honourable Minister P.Mohan announced employment registration grace period or concession  for candidates who failed to renew their employment registration for last 3 years . 

Who can be benefited from this concession ?

The persons who failed to renew the employment registration during the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 can renew their employment registration . It is expected that nearly one lacks candidates will be benefited from the concession.

Tamilnadu Government Employment Registration / Renewal Website
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