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Syllabus of Test - 7

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Greetings from TNPSCPortal !
Dear friends, I am sorry to convey you that, the number of candidates attending the Week Tests are coming down. Still I am conducting this exams, because I know some of you are preparing sincerely and I could see the persons who attended the tests regularly in Time . I wish all the sincere candidates to have a bright future. Please don't rely on single materials or coaching, try to cover the full syllabus and acquire knowledge from where ever you get and when ever you get. All the best !

Here is the syllabus for Online Coaching Test - 7

TNPSCPortal Online Coaching Syllabus for Test – 7
Science 10th Std Science (Full)

Social Science  10th Std Social Science


General Knowledge  International Organizations
National Insignia and other facts
Transport and Communication system in India
Current Affairs  November   2014 (Download )

Note : In the all upcoming tests  , the questions will be asked from previous weeks' syllabus  portions also . This will reduce your burdon of revision at the time of exams.

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sir i could join your online coaching center.so please guide me

sir i will join your online coaching center. pls help me

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