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குரூப் II, IIA 2020 (New Syllabus) Test Batch

குரூப் 2 முதனிலைத் தேர்விற்கான பாடத்திட்டத்தை திட்டமிட்டு குறுகிய காலத்தில் படித்து முடித்து, பயிற்சி செய்வதற்காக மொத்தம் 30 தேர்வுகள் (ஒவ்வொரு தேர்விலும் 200 வினாக்கள்)

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TNPSC Online Test - Ancient Indian History

  1. Old Stone Age in India was developed during 
    1. Mesozoic Period
    2.   Paleozoic Period
    3. Pleistocene Period
    4. Triassic Period

  2. Bhimbetka - one of the paleolithic sites of India is presently located at 
    1. Bihar
    2. West Bengal
    3. Uttar Pradesh
    4. Madhya Pradesh

  3. Which of the following  neolithic sites is located in Andhrapradesh
    1. Unter
    2. Gulkraal
    3. Burzahom
    4. Tokkalakota

  4. Earliest evidence of pottery was found at 
    1.  Brahmagiri
    2. Gulkraal Meno
    3. Peklihal 
    4. Chopani Mando

  5. Dolmens or the Megalithic Tombs are the important feature of which of the following age 
    1. Coppor Age
    2. Old Stone Age 
    3. Late Stone Age
    4. New Stone Age

  6. Only one metal known to the Neolithic man was ?
    1. Iron
    2. Gold
    3. Silver
    4. Copper

  7. Paleolithic sites are spread all parts of our country except 
    1. Sahara Desert Region
    2. Deccan Plateau Region
    3. Alluvial Plains of Ganga Region
    4. Kaviri Delta Region 

  8. Dark and Red Color Pottery was important feature of 
    1. Paleolithic Period
    2. Mesolithic Period
    3. Neolithic Period
    4. Chalcolithic Period

  9. The system of burial during copper age was differently followed in different places of India. Where did the dead burried in East-West position ? 
    1. North India
    2. East India
    3. South India
    4. West India

  10. Chalcolithic sites ' Jorwe, Nevas, Daimabad, Inamgaon, Navdatoli, Songaon ' are located at 
    1. West Bengal 
    2. Bihar
    3. Madhya Pradesh
    4. Maharashtra

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  1. Its very useful. But we need more questions to answer.

  2. I cannot select answer from the choice...I cant see any tick box near the options.....please kindly resolve the fault in the site.........!


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