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TNPSC Pothu Tamil Model Tests with Study Materials

Model Test 3
Test Portions (Practice before Perform !)
Attend the Model Test here

Model Test 2
Test Portions 
Dear TNPSCPortal visitors, 
This is our new approach to train you for TNPSC Pothu Tamil portions. With your support, we will continue this service in future. Kindly convey your suggestions in the comment section of this post.

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useful for us........ Thank u sir........ continue ur service.... we will expect ur study materials..........

Thank u very much sir.....

very useful you information sir

Thank u sir .it is very useful to recall our memory. please continue sir

Thank you sir, great job

Thank you so much. Its really very useful for us. Keep it up.

thank u sir. its useful practise for tnpsc. u give many question. in ilakiyam

Thank u sir in practse question.. pls give many ques

thank u so much sir.. answers koduthu submit kodutha piragu ethana correct answers nu solli correct answers green la kaatuna inum useful ah irukum... matha subjects apdi irunthuchu athu easy ah irunthuchu... very very thankyou


Its really very usefull to me, thank you so much sir.

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