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TNPSC Group 2 2015 Result Date - Latest News Updates

TNPSC Group 2 Preliminary Exam Result with in Two Months - Informed by TNPSC Chairman on 26-07-2015. 
TNPSC Group 2 Interview Posts Exam notification was published on 30-04-2015 for filling up of 1241 posts. The Preliminary exam was conducted on 26-07-2015. Candidates will be called in 1:10 ratio for the Group 2 Main Examination. So there will be about 13000 candidates will be called for Main examination. ( 10 candidates for 1 post) 

TNPSC Group 2 Official Answer Key Published  Visit TNPSc Official website  www.tnpsc.gov.in

               Direct Link for TNPSC Group II 2015 AnswerKey 

TNPSC Group II 2015 Exam Answer Key for General Studies, General Tamil, General English are published by TNPSC.

TNPSC Group 2 Cut Off  Marks Prediction by Radian IAS Academy, Chennai

135 Questions Correct - Will definitely clear the Group 2 Prelims
130+ Question Correct - 80 % chance.

Thanks and Courtesy : Radian Website 

If you have not performed well in TNPSC Group 2 Interview Posts, dont worry , you have immediate next chance....you can get a confirm job in TNPSC Group 2A Exam , TNPSC VAO Exam and TNPSC Group 4 Exam 2015 . Prepare well for the Group Two Non Interview Post from today itself. All the best !

Download TNPSC Group Two Exam 26-07-2015 Answer Key of Coaching Centres

Link 1 : TNPSC Group 2 Answer Keys by Appolo Study Centre Chennai 

General Studies Tentative Answer Key 

General Tamil and General English Answerkeys will be updated soon.

Link 2 : TNPSC Group 2 2015 Answer Key for General Knowledge, General English and Pothu Tamil by NR IAS Academy, Trichy


Link 3 : TNPSC Group 2 General Tamil (Pothu Tamil) Answer Key by Vidiyal Coaching Centre, Vellore


TNPSC Group 2 Official Answer Key
tnpsc group 2 2015 exam answer key general knowledge, general english, pothu tamil

The Official Answer Key for TNPSC Group 2 will be published with in 2-3 days. 
TNPSC Group 2 2015 Question Analysis (General Knowlege)

TNPSC Group 2 2015 Expected Cut Off Marks

After Checking the TNPSC Group 2 Answer Keys , fill this form and help us to predict the expected group 2 cutoff marks.
Dear friends, share your total number of correct questions (GK+GE/GT) with your community and gender in the comment area of this post . So that all candidates can get a view about the cut off trend this year. 
View the Responses till now
TNPSC Group 2 2015 Exam Result Date 

27-07-2015 : TNPSC Group Two Preliminary Exam 2015 Result will be published with in two months - TNPSC Chairman informed.

All news about TNPSC Group 2 Interview Posts Preliminary Examination Result date will be updated immediately in this page. 

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friends can anyone tell me that "will all the questions in coming group 2 mains are of descriptive types?no objective? if so what will be the question model?

you didnt mention community... u have minimum of chance for mains..

This is my first attempt in TNPSC an I just checked with the answer key. I got around 70 and I belong to SC community. What will be the expected cut off and will I be near to that? Please do reply. Thanks in advance.

Sir, I got 140 Questions right and i belongs to oc community. Can i have the chance??

As per tnpsc answer key,I got 125/200...Is this mark enough for getting mains exam?my community-MBC female...pls reply sir....shall i prepare for mains?

no objective type .....3 mark...8mark....15mark...30 mark

Ihave 137 question correct .Isit enough (205 marks) for attending the mainexam.

Good chance is there.....start your mains preparation

you may be called for ... but doubt...130 plus is safe

safe score....but for OC 145 plus will be more safe....anyhow start your mains preparation

no chance.....prepare for upcoming TNPSC Group 2A 2015 exam

I am female BC. I got 138/200 questions correct according to official key. do I have the chance for main exams? Based on your reply, I'm planning to prepare for mains. Thank you.

I am BC female. I got 138/200 questions correct according to official key. Is it safe? Can I start my mains preparation? Thank you.

Sir I got 135 questions correct SC FEMALE whether there is any chance for mains??

149 ... DC any chance sir

sir i got 115 corrrct answer out of 200 nd im MBC Female. can i have chance for mains??

Sir bc male 138 qus correct... i qualified for main or not. Prepare pannalama sir main ku sure

Sir I belong to BC female and got 156
What about my result for group 2 preliminary exam?

i have 90 questions correct... Is this mark enough for getting mains exam?my community-SC female...pls reply sir....shall i prepare for mains?

Sir I have scored 146/200 Belongs to BC Female. Is there any chance?

Sir I got 136/200 as per tnpsc answer key... MBC/DC Female... May I prepare for Main?

127 correct Sc category female. Any chances

Hi, I am bc female, got 137 qns correct, is there a chance? Awaiting for your response

dear kessel
i am female bc i got 135 questions correct is there any chance . and i had a small doubt kessel last group 2 A i got 201 marks . but my friend also d same but MBC. c called for CV but not me . overall rank also above 14000 . how is it possible . pls reply me sir. and i glad to inform you that i was finisd my CV in group 4 waiting for counselling.when was it if u know pls reply me for all my doubts. thanku kessel.

Sir I got 139/200.. Am female BC... Is there any chance..?

I got 139/200.. Female BC.. Is there any chance..?

Sir I got 139/200.. Am female BC... Is there any chance..?

Sir my score is 130 bc female.any chance to clear prelims

Sir I scored 139/200.is it enough to attend mains.I belongs to sca community male

dear kessel
am selected for group 4 typist . i am very happy to inform you i only learn all the text books and your portal site only . it will be very useful to me for my upcoming exam. thank you so much for ur wonderful work and also do the week test and rank . it will be very useful for the tnpsc aspirants. thank you kessel once again.

What will be the cutoff for bc ?


I got 135 questions correct..!! I belongs to MBC (Female) community..!! Is that enough for main exam..?? Please advise..!! Thank you..!!


Sir, I got around 105/200 SC-A, Should i prepare for Grp2 Mains. Pls tel me

Sir, I have got 125/200 bc female, is there any chance for me to go for main?

BC MUSLIM 137/200.Checked with official key. Is there any chance for mains?

Bc female
Any chance for main exam?

I did 144 questions correctly... BC Female.... Any chance to attend main exam?

123/200 ST female....any chance to next round?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I got 134/2 oc female any chance

I got 85/200 questions belonging to SC community female. Will I get chance for next round?

Sir, I got 141/200 and BC category. Shall I get a chance to prepare for mains.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

I got 85/200 in tnpsc group 2 prelims belonging to SC female cadre. will I get chance for second round?

i got 140/200 in group 2 exam 2015 ..bc male
have I any chance to enter the main exam???? sir please reply...and what is my chance in group 4 sir ,
my group 4 over all rank 3813...communal rank 1925...

i got 108 questions correct..iam belongs to sc(A) ..Should i enter in to mains

sir i got 100 marks belongs to sc category

133/200 is it enough for mains iam bc male

133/200 is enough for mains i am BC male

I i got 123 right questions. SC community. Is there any chance for call ?

133/200 is enough for mains i am BC male

how to represent the wrong answers in the official key, eg. 13th president of india, railway line in Nagaland already exists in Dimapur, Samjhauta train twice-weekly train service runs between Delhi and Attari in India and Wagah and Lahore in Pakistan.

i have 132 question correct sc community degree bsc maths tamil medium any chance next round?

i have 132 questions correct bc women isit ok for mains

i have 143 answers is correct. Is it enough the main. please confirm

As per the key, i got 146 questions correct and i belongs to sc community. May i know the chances for mains?

My greetings to you sir, I have scored 132 / 200 Questions as per TNPSC Ans Key and i am from SC(A) community. Is there any chance for me to mains,kindly advice

You will be called for the Group 2 Mains....All the best !

good score....prepare for mains

confirm....prepare for mains

doubt....have to wait...prepare well for Group 2A

110..BC female..any chances for clearing prelims sir??

confirm chance prepare for TNPSC Group 2 Main Exam

Good score....prepare for Mains

good score....prepare for mains from today ...all the best !

safe score start mains preparation

you are very safe....start mains preparation

you are safe.......start your mains preparation today

safe score start mains prep

you are safe.....start mains preparation

safe score....start mains preparation

confirm chance.....prepare for mains

border score.....any how prepare for mains

safe score...prepare for mains

First , All the best for your career in Group 4.....thanks for acknowledge us....if you have time send a email to jjjindia@gmail.com ..... dont stop with this....I wish you should achieve in Group 1 exam

confirm chance....prepare for mains

Confirm chance....prepare for mains

safe score.....go ahead for mains

sir, i got 142 ques correct (mbc, female), havi 1 chance for mains??

Good score for SCA....start mains preparation

I have got 150 questions correct...will i be called for mains....BC MALE

I have got 150 questions correct..BC MALE..Will i be called for mains

Sir, first time I appeared in tnpsc exam..I am BC female. I got 134 questions correct..Is there any chance to qualify for mains?? If so, Kindly give preparation tips for main exam...

sir i scored 132/200 sc category... do i have a chance

sc female 132 correct questions... shall i goahead

Thank you sir

I am BC Male, engineering graduate, and got 140 Questions correct. Any chance for Main Exam because engineering graduate have been barred many posting. Please reply.

I m bc female I got 143/200..can I prepare mains?

Hi I m bc female I got 143\200..can I prepare main? Pls rly

I got 134 oc female any chance

Sir I got 130/200 sc male... What about my chance for mains

sir, i have 110 questions correct. is it enough the main, pls conform my community MBC

my 150+ sc male is it possible to enter main exam

151 questions correct

Engalukku reply panna matteengala..naanga ena othukki vaikka patta person ah...ungalukku appuram post pannavangalukku reply panreenga...very bad thank u D.KESSAL sir

132 quest correct..SC male...any chance for main?? pls reply

I got 108/200 MBC female is der any chance for mains?

sir,what would be the cut off for oc female??

sir,what would be the cut off for oc female??


Hello Sir.. I got 147 correct.. BC female.. chances??

This comment has been removed by the author.

i have got 152 out of 200 (BC - male). Is there any chance for me

I got 179/200 correct as per tnpsc key bc female

146/200, MBC female. Will I get through?

Sir. I have scored 106/200. Is it chance for main exam pls reply

Sir,i got 106/200 and mbc .chance for mains exam?

Sir 136/200 bc male is there any chances?

Sorry friend...dont mistake me...forget to answer.....You have very good score....start ur mains preparation...All the best !

sir plz tell me qualifying score for BC FEMALE. i have scored 127.

i got 115 crrct(sc,female)do i have chance????

i got 133 correct-CCSE II (sca,female),wiil i be called for mains..Please reply admin

179 is really a great score....think you may be topper in prelims....share your experience with other visitors mail me jjjindia@gmail.com. All the best !

I got 133/200 SCA female..any chance to get into mains sir...pls reply..i do not know whether i should start preparing for mains..it ll be helpful if u reply..thanks in advance...

Hi sir I got 143/200 I belong to sc female is therethere any chance for me to mains

hi sir i have scored 132-134 out of 200...this is my first attempt...ennala mudinja vara padichitu ponen...ellam waste ah poidumo nu kastama iruku...konjam yosichu mathiri concept related ah kekama book la irunthu apdiye years ellam kekuranga athanala enna use nu teriyala.

sir, i am MBC female i got 127/200 any chance for go to main?please reply me

pls share your exp

No... strt reading for group2A next tnpsc exam u clr..if u cnte readng

132 quest crct.. SC male..any chance for mains?? plss reply

Sir, 128 /200 bc female any chance to clear preliminary exam

Sir, I got 128/200. Bc female any chance to clear preliminary

This is my first attempt in TNPSC I just checked with the answer key. I got around 130 marks and I belong to mbc community. I am female sir any chance for me please replay me

who told... ella idathilayum neenga thanada irukinga.... Kethukaka engineering padichutu pecha paaru

Dear firends, I could not answer all your queries....still you are welcome to comment your score so that all other friends may know about the status.....For TNPSC Group 2 2015 Cutoff have a look at the cut off sheet above.....and if you have scored 135 + you will get confirm chance and above 130+ eighty percentage chances are there. All the best !

sir i got 143 ques correct belong to BC,female?? my chance??and many of them having score above 145??so confused..

dont be confused go ahead for Group 2 mains....142 is very safe score....cut off will be arround 135 + for BC

My score is 85/200 belonging SC. I have given queries. But you did not respond properly sir.

thanks for your reply.

Thank u sir and sorry....please say ur suggestion about my group 4 rank...please I am confused...just say ur opinion

Kalpana send ur answer with proof(soft copy) to tnpsc mail Id...last time I send both(hard copy and soft copy) for the wrong answer key...hard copy send to tnpsc office address via post...soft copy send to tnpsc mail Id...please do it past

Please send ur representation to tnpsc mail Id(soft copy)...u also send ur hard copy to tnpsc office address with one covering letter...last time I have send both hard copy and soft copy....

i got 96 and belong to SC community. Do i have a chance.....

sir pls let me know whether all the candidates coming above the mentioned cut off for a particular category are allowed to write the mains or they are called based on 1:10 ratio...

Sir! I answered for 138questions . I am BC female. Is there any chance to clear preliminary? Shall i prepare for the mains?

My score 148/200 BC male pstm.. Please list some coaching centres.. It may be useful for all candidates.

sir pls reply...
if the cutoff for BC is 135+ then wat will be the cut off for SCA category..pls reply sir..

plz tell me previous year cutoff for gp 2 interview posts.shall we compare that with this year?

yes prepare for mains

no chance..prep for upcomg exams

no chance...prep for upcomg exams...

Hi sir my score 139/200 mbc female,is it sure that i can prepare for mains? If yes please tell how to prepare for mains..also suggest books to prepare

sir, I answered 138 questions oc female any chance for me, please reply

As per tnpsc answer key,I got 135/200...Is this mark enough for getting mains exam?my community-MBC female...pls reply sir....shall i prepare for mains?

Sir....my score is 123 out of 200... S der any possibility to clear preliminary exam...shall I prepare for main exam?

Sir.... my score is 117 out of 200 and i come under SC (female) category....am i allowable for mains Sir ?

Sir my score is 117 out of 200 and come under SC (female) category....Am i allowable for Mains....? .

Is it possible to write mains in tamil and suggest some materials in tamil for mains self prepataion. please reply.

sir ,
I have got 120 questions correct SC FEMALE is there a possibility for me to get selected for mains ...
Please reply.

hi sir, my score is 138/200 oc female any chance for me to write main, please reply

respected Kessal Sir please reply.....

I come under SC (female) category and my score is 117 out of 200 .Am i eligible for Mains Sir.

(please reply Sir)

thank you for your reply. Your site is really useful. I request the friends to get their answer from the previously answered questions instead of expecting the admin to answer the questions with same marks and category. Let us be time conscious and support the admin.

I come under SC (male) category and my score is 106 out of 200 .Am i eligible for Mains Sir.

respected Kessal Sir please reply.....

I come under SC (male) category and my score is 106 out of 200 .Am i eligible for Mains Sir.

Hi .... Your friend may be coming under the PSTN category.

Hi Sir,

This is my attempt in TNPSC . I scored 135/200 ( MBC female). Shall i start to prepare group 2 main exam ? . Really i don't know , whether to start for main exam or to prepare for upcoming exams group 1, group 2a. I need your guidance to crack group 1 prelims. Am now at the age of 31, so having only 4 years to go for tnpsc exams. Am much interested in this. Ready to work harder , put all my efforts. Home learner only . Pls revert me asap. Thank you.

I got 125 questions correct in Group 2 exam. Can I get Main exam opportunity please mention sir

Sir How TNPSC will give marks for that wrong answers? 13th president and Railway line questions. Please tell me..

Hi kessel,
I took one complete day for preparing group 2,179/200.it's my 1st Attempt.

Very good friend....share your experience / tips for the benefit of other visitors

Hi sir, could u pls clarify about g2 mains exam pattern? Whether have to write either Tamil or English or bilingual. Need answer to this query. My score in this g2 141

please anyone to say what is the expected cutoff for any degree (BE) cutoff.. i got 154 BC male

See the Page No. 15 of the TNPSC Group 2 2015 Notification . "The candidates are allowed to answer the questions either fully in Tamil or fully in English."

Very Good Score....start your Group 2 Mains Preparation

good score....start your mains prep

Hi sir...im bcm female...my cutoff is 137 /200 ....plz tel me ,do i have any chance for mains?



Thank a lot for ur reply .Really I appreciate your efforts. You are encouraging the aspirants in right way.

Pls share your experience regrading in preparation, books or materials. Anything that is necessary for tnpsc exams. Your comment is valuable for the real aspirants. Pls share those.

Hi sir i'm bc female i got exactly 130/200 q/a correct am i eligible for mains. Plz reply me sir


excuseme can u pls tel me how u checked the answers?

i got 90 questions correct out of 200, pls reply me how to calculate the marks i don't know, is it enough for preparing main exams

Sir i am bc female i got exactly 130/200 q/a am i eligible to enter mains. Plz reply me

Hi sir... I am SC Male Candicate.. My score is 147/200 in tnpsc group 2.. If there is a chance for clearing main exam by A.Vignesh...

Hi friends I have jus downloaded 6th to 10th science & english book ,n I have gone through it as a glance,2 compete my score in gk 97 ge 82.then I have surfed d net for top 10 authors n their poems it helps me 2 crack a little bit in english.current issues in state n national level for the last 1 year.maths is fingertip 4m my childhood ,so nothing apart from that.I am a engineering graduate in Anna university .179/200.

Sir, I am an Ex-serviceman of MBC & having 104/200 right answers, Can I get a chance to appear in main exam.

Thanks for sharing your experience.... prepare well for Group 2 Mains....All the best !

Doubt sir....prepare well for Group 2A

sir, i am disabled person . i have 105 question . any chance.

Thanks a lot for reply. Really good one.

Sir , We need some material and current affairs in English also.

Sir, I got 130 Questions right and i belongs to BC (female) community. Can i have the chance??

Dear sir: good evening . am raju tnpsc group 2 exam i got 121 question is correct - ( SC-Arunthatiar ) any possible in main exam , please reply sir .i.d araju.sm@gmail.com

Dear sir: good evening . am raju tnpsc group 2 exam i got 121 question is correct - ( SC-Arunthatiar ) any possible in main exam , please reply sir .i.d araju.sm@gmail.com

Hi sir,
I belong to SC.. And I got 92/200..(i.e) 138/300.... Is there any chance for mains?

I also have the same score friend..iam bc female too....

Hello sir, i am bc female candidate and i got 131 questions are correct. Is there any chance

Sc male 120 questions correct is there any chance

hello,sir i got 137 belongs to MBC,is there any chance for mains?

hi sir, i got 138/200, BC , there is a chance?


sir, i scored 135 BC-male, can i prepare for mains. how much minimum for BC male sir.

Sorry friend. Many are saying 145+ is a safe score for BC general. I have got 141/200 and worried.

sir i got 133 question right , BC , can i start main preparation

hi sir i got 157/200 MBC(Female) in g2 prelims

Hi sir, I got 115 belongs to ST mane, is there any chance sir?

Definitely above 140+ is safe score for BC general.

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