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"Target TNPSC 2015" - Syllabus - Test 1

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What we are going to study ? 
  • Samacheer Kalvi School Books from 6th to 10th std. 
  • History, Political Science, Economics, Zoology and Botany subjects of 11th and 12th standards. 
  • Arihant General Knowledge Book important portions.
  • Current Affairs.
Note : These books are sufficient for success in the TNPSC Exams. If you want to study more, you can refer as much books as possible but after completing the above books. 

How to study ? 
  • Please have TNPSC Syllabus written in a note book vertically (line by line) . When ever you start studying a school text book portion, please check whether that area comes under TNPSC Syllabus. 
  • Maintain separate note books according to TNPSC Syllabus(History, Polity, Economics,Science, etc.) . When ever you study new things take notes. 

Syllabus for the Target TNPSC 2015 - Free Online Coaching Test - 1

Test Date : 06-09-2015 ( Sunday )

Syllabus  for General Studies 

  1. 6th Std Science
  2. 6th Std Social Science
  3. Current Affairs July 2015 

Syllabus for Pothu Tamil
6th Std Tamil Book  

Attend the Exams Now 

Pothu Tamil

General Studies

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Hi.. Is this for all Tnpsc exams or the coming group 1 exam?? What about general English?

Now tests will be for General Studies and General Tamil .....will add General English later.... The coaching is common for all TNPSC Exams

Please post questions in English also for general studies

does it is enough to study the syllabus oriented portions from 6th science and social?

can i attend this online exam on Monday (07/09/2015)? because my work situation.

yeah pls add n post questions for tnpsc general english also,
so accordingly i can start preparing for tnpsc free online coaching

thank u so much sir. and i agree with it bcoz am also a english medium student if u bring it in english mean its easy to answer the questions sir pls consider it sir.

The questions for tnpsc free online coaching wil be in english or not.
pls clear me this doubt

Very very great help Sir. We expect for this opportunity. Thank you very much sir for your great help.

thank you very much sir for your great support

pls little bit care about general english. it's my kind request kessal!!!!!

thank you very much sir

Pls go for general english also.To get high score general english also essential. Less scope of preparation for that and if u started it is useful sir.


we will add general english later....asif now GS and GT only

Thank a lot sir for considering General English. Really your work is appreciable and encouraging.

On sunday Any time for the test sir

Sir, will there be any descriptive test?

Sir I am join this coaching today....so how I will be attend tomorrow exam?pls reply me sir

Sir I join this coaching today....so tomorrow how I will be attend this test? Pls reply me sir..

Thank you very much.. When it will start

Sir i'v attended the online exam, general studies, but i didn't attend general tamil, becoz i'v chosen general english, wen u'l publish the rank list sir.

I have written pothu tamil exam.It was useful,but i didn't prepare well. When is next exam

i prefer my language in english for tnpsc group 1 exam so could u tell me in english exam

sir i need a english language preparation for group 1 exam so could u tell me that

sir, today 13.9.2015 only i joined with this portal.... shall i start the test from which test?

hello sir.today only i joined. how to start

Dear sir,
Today only i joined in the online target tnpsc coaching.will i be able to attend the previous tests and my marks will be included in the rank list?
Kindly help me regarding this

Very useful to me sir. Its help to getting higher marks in TNPSC exams

Sir i need 2016 planning for group 1

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