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Engineering Candidates can study B.Ed Degree - Tamilnadu Higher Education Minister

Engineers Can Study B.Ed Degree 

19-09-2015 :Tamilnadu B.Ed Admission 2015 - 2016 . 1136 out of total 7425 B.Ed applicants are engineering candidates. 
News Source : Dinamani, 19-09-2015.

02-09-2015 : Honourable Higher Education Minister in the Tamilnadu Legislative Assembly has informed that the Engineering Candidates (BE / BTech) also can study B.Ed from this academic year. They will be eligibile for teaching Mathematics, Chemistry , Physics.


  1. Is the above news is true???

  2. Bcoz college's in my district is not aware of it....So refused to admit Engineering students for B.ed courses

  3. its news about the above in thinathanthi pge no. 21...u can verify@revathy

  4. be mechanical eligible or not


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