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Target TNPSC 2015 - Syllabus - Test 3

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Syllabus for the Target TNPSC 2015 - Free Online Coaching Test - 3

Test Starts on : 20-09-2015 ( Sunday ) 9AM  Ends on 26-09-2015 5PM

Syllabus  for General Studies 

  1. 8th Std Science Full
  2. Current Affairs August 2015 

Syllabus for Pothu Tamil
          In Samacheer Kalvi 8th Tamil Book

          Term 1 : Full

          Term 2 : Upto Page Number 24 

          (In old samacheerkalvi books (Non trimester books) - Tamil book Upto page number 88)

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sir old samacheer kalvi books na, samacheer kalvi varathuku munadi iruntha books plz clear my doubt.

It is also Samacheer Kalvi books only.... but non-trimester pattern ....unlike trimester pattern books followed now....it will have single book for one subject....

Thank you sir

is there any changes between old and new samacheer books .... bcz i have only old samacheer books...

is there any changes between old and new samacheer books... bcz i have only old samacheer books... can i proceed with it..

in tamil and english little changes have been made ....please check it

Good morning Sir/Mam
I need to attend tnpsc exams. But i dont have a correct guide. just now i know about this website.......... What can i do for the success? But i have all new samacheer books from 6to10th.....Please help me to improve myself for success

i don't have 8th old samcheer kalvi. wat can i do?

please follow these test series....study well .... all the best !

you can download it from Taminadu Text Book Corporation website

sir for test 3,it is enough to study science or else social science um test syllabus la iruka sir??

thanking your for your service and i wish you to continue long life

that website be only new book,, to give any other website.....

That website have only new book. to give any other website for old samacheer book.

Thank you for this opportunity Sir, Certainly i will win.

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