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TNPSC VAO Online Model Test - Duties and Responsibilities of Village Administrative Officer

  1. Which of the following is not a duty of VAO ? 
    1. Collection of revenue of village
    2. Protection of Poramboke lands
    3. Cultivating Government Lands
    4. Maintaining Birth and Death Registers.

  2. Chitta Nos.14,15 and 16 are related to 
    1. Water Resources Management
    2. Issue of Community Certificate
    3. Formation of village assembly
    4.  Revenue Collection
  3. 'Falsi Year' is calculated from
    1. July to June
    2. August to September
    3.  January to December
    4.  March to February

  4. Which of following certificate is not issued by VAO ? 
    1. Nativity Certificate
    2.  Income Certificate
    3. Solvency Certificate
    4. Transfer Certificate

  5. Village Officer maintains an Old Age Pension Register. With in which date,  it should be updated each year?
    1. 1st January
    2. 15th January 
    3.  26th January
    4. 18th January

  6. 'B' Memo is related to 
    1. Failure of Property Tax
    2. Encroachment of  Poramboke Lands
    3. Failure of Water Tax
    4. Suicide Case

  7. In Poramboke land encroachment cases, the penalty is collected after getting approval from Thasildar through 
    1. No 5 Notice
    2. No 6 Notice
    3. No 7 Notice
    4. No 8 Notice

  8. Which of the following statement is wrong about VAO. 
    1. Village Magistrate
    2. Head of Village Police
    3. Representative of Government in Village
    4.  Leader of Village 

  9. Who arranges patrol duties on Railway Lines ?
    1.  Deputy Thasildar
    2. Revenue Inspector
    3. VAO
    4. Thasildar

  10. VAO maintains the receipt book on revenue collection. The second copy is to be handed over to
    1. Deputy Thasildar
    2. Revenue Assistant
    3. Revenue Inspector
    4. Taluk Office

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