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11 New Members Appointed to Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC)

The Tamil Nadu Government has appointed eleven new members for the TNPSC.  The newly appointed members are 

1.R Pratapkumar
2.V Subbiah
3.S Muthuraj
4.M Sethuraaman
5.A V Balusamy
6.M Madasamy
7.V Ramamuthy
8.P Krishnakumar
9.A Subramanian
10.N B Pooniamurthy
11.M Rajaram

About TNPSC Organizational Structure

Article 316 to 319 of the Indian Constitution has given details about the structure of the State Public Service Commissions. TNPSC is the State Public Service Commission of Tamilnadu. It is headed by the Chairman and comprises 14 other members. All TNPSC Members are appointed by the Governor of Tamilnadu. According to the Consitution, the Members will serve for 6 years or till they attain age of 62 years. Currently, Dr.K.Arulmozhi,I.A.S is the Chairman of TNPSC.

For more information visit http://www.tnpsc.gov.in/organization.html

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