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Group IV 2019 Test Batch Group II, IIA 2019 Test Batch

TNPSC General English Model Test [1] - Part 2 (26-50 Questions)

Dear  TNPSC Aspirants, this TNPSC General English Mock Test covers full syllabus of TNPSC General English Paper. This is a self grading type online test. By clicking Submit Button, you can know your marks and correct questions. All the best !  Click Here to Attend More Model Tests]
Questions Prepared by Sarala Davamanoharan 

Click Here to attend Part 1(1-25 Questions)
  1. 1.Match the words 
    Column A                             Column B
    a) Torch                         1. Pitcher
    b) Shop assistant         2. Shade
    c) Jug                            3. Clerk
    d) Blind                        4. Flash light
    1. a-3, b-2, c-1, d-4
    2. a-4, b-3, c-2, d-1
    3. a-4, b-3, c-1, d-2
    4. a-4, b-1, c-2, d-3

  2. choose the correct verb : The United States ------------ a big navy 
    1. Have
    2. are having
    3. is 
    4. has

  3. Slapped with steep cliffs on all faces, it looks every inch an unsurmountable peak : The word ‘insurmountable means ‘----------
    1. Unconquerable
    2. uncomfortable
    3. unimaginable
    4. un believable

  4. On the day of Sicilian July, with Etna smoking .what is the 'Etna' ?
    1.  an earthquake
    2. a tempest 
    3. a tsunami affected city
    4. a volcanic mountain

  5.  ‘I martk’d where on alittle promontory it stood isolated. : 'It’ here stands for
    1. the poet
    2.  the web
    3. a raised land
    4. the spider

  6. Identify the figure of speech : Have you noticed how some people , may seem plain as plain can be ?
    1. personification
    2.  simile
    3. Metaphor
    4. none

  7. Select the correct plural form of 'alumna'
    1. alumni
    2. alumnas
    3. alumnae
    4. alumnis

  8. Pick out the sentence that contains a complement 
    1. The thief stole all the silver articles
    2.  I shall collect the books next week
    3. The Programme has started on time
    4. My aunt remained a spinster all her life 

  9. Pick out the word that does not take –ves in its plural form
    1. thief
    2. shelf 
    3. proof
    4. wolf 

  10. Identify the compound words with the wrong plural form
    1. passers by
    2. step sisters
    3. sons in law
    4. drops-out

  11. The nationality of the author of “ the lottery ticket”
    1. Scandinavian
    2. American
    3. German
    4. Russian

  12. Fill in the blanks with suitable article : Centuries ago --- great artist was engaged to paint -----mural for --------cathedral in -------Scilian town
    1. a, the, a,the
    2. the, the, the, a
    3. a,the,the,a
    4. a, a , the, a

  13. Choose the  correct statement for the corect tag : Should have the question tag------------------ doesn’t she ?
    1. shreya drawn well 
    2. shreya has been drawing well
    3. shreya has not drawn well 
    4. Shreya draws well

  14. Select the correct plural form of aquarium
    1. aquarias
    2. aquariums
    3. aquariams
    4. aquaria 

  15. Subash chandra bose was popularly known as
    1. chachaji
    2. babaji
    3. dharmaji
    4. netaji

  16. The mechanic tried to fix the broken -----1----only  in --2----
    1. wane and vane
    2. vain and vein
    3. vane and wane
    4. Vane and vain

  17. Fill the correct phrasal verb : I am exactly like my mother, I think I have ------- her
    1. Taken to
    2. Taken off
    3. Taken over 
    4. Taken after

  18. Fill with suitable verb : I  --------- ( surf)  the net when the explosion occurred
    1. Will surf
    2. had surfed
    3. will be surfing
    4. was surfing

  19. Select the correct plural form of Oasis
    1. Oasese
    2. Oasies 
    3. Oaes 
    4. Oases

  20. The rhyme scheme of the following lines is -------- : ‘For Oh , Say the children,” we are weary’  And we cannot run or leap If we cared for any meadows, it were merely To drop down in them and sleep
    1. abba
    2. aaab
    3. aabb
    4. abab

  21. Read the passage and answer :  “ A geode can split to reveal    A dazzling sight to view !”    When does a geode split?  It splits when -----------
    1. It is broken with a stone
    2. Flung against  awall
    3. Dried in the hot sun
    4. Water seeps inside it 

  22. Which of the folowing is not a poem ?
    1. A tiger in the zoo
    2. Women’s rights
    3. Is Life but a dream
    4. The tears of the desert

  23. Identify the sentence : Considering the difficulties of his position, he has acted admirably
    1. Complex
    2. compound
    3. No Pattern
    4. simple

  24. Find the odd one
    1. Engine driver
    2. Hand bag
    3. Sunlight
    4. Tell tale

  25. Pick out the sentence having error
    1. One should be true to one’s word
    2. I bought three dozen oranges
    3. He wears an HMT watch presented by his Uncle 
    4. You must listen what I Say

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