Daily Current Affairs for 20th Nov 2017 ( English)

1.       China has announced that Bangladesh and Myanmar have accepted its mediatory role and agreed to implement three-phased solution proposed by its Foreign Minister Wang Yi met separately with Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Myanmar’s top leaders to resolve Rohingya refugee crisisFirst stage: Myanmar should impose ceasefire and stop persecuted Rohingyas from fleeing into Bangladesh. Second stage: Bangladesh and Myanmar should strengthen exchanges and find solution on basis of equality Third stage: International community to help develop the backward Rakhine state and poverty alleviation of Rohingyas in Myanmar. Rohingya is ethnic Muslim minority group, largely comprising Muslims living primarily in Myanmar’s western Rakhine state. They practice Sufi-inflected variation of Sunni Islam. They differ from Myanmar’s dominant Buddhist groups religiously, ethnically and linguistically.
2.       The Union Government has signed a guarantee agreement for IBRD/CTF loan of US $98 million and Grant Agreement for US $2 million for Shared Infrastructure for Solar Parks Project with World Bank  to increase solar generation capacity through establishment of large-scale parks in the country. The project consists of two components (i) Shared Infrastructure for Solar Parks and (ii) Technical Assistance. It will help to establish large-scale solar parks and support government’s plan to install 100 Gigawatts (GW) of solar power out of total renewable-energy target of 175 GW by 2022.
3.       Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS), Ministry of Defence (MoD) have jointly organized the 42nd World Congress of the International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM)  which was held in New Delhi. It was the largest medical conference ever organised by AFMS. It was attended by around 350-400 foreign delegates from 80 countries. For the first time, the five-day event was being organised in India. The theme of this edition of World Congress is “Military Medicine in Transition: Looking Ahead.” ICMM’s main objective is to ensure that medical services personnel have means to work together, using similar practices, in operations involving international co-operation.
4.       A roadmap for ‘Talanoa Dialogue’, a year-long process to assess countries’ progress on climate actions was prepared and concluded at the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference (COP23) was held in Bonn, Germany and was presided over by Government of Fiji. Talanoa is a traditional approach used in Fiji and other Pacific islands to engage in an inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue to resolve differences without putting any blame on any one. The conference provided countries around world took opportunity to showcase their actions taken to fulfil pledges under landmark 2015 Paris agreement as well as took other decisions including ‘Talanoa Dialogue’. It also made progress on framing rules for implementing Paris Agreement post-2020 and brought rich nations on board to walk the talk on pre-2020 commitments. However, the differences over climate financing continued.
5.       A new species of parasitic flowering plant named Gleadovia konyakianorum have been discovered by the Scientists from Botanical Survey of India (BSI). The species was named in honour of Konyak tribe of Nagas. Gleadovia konyakianorum is a holoparasite (complete parasite) plant that derives its entire nutritional requirement from the host plant, which is a Strobilanthes species. It has no chlorophyll (which helps a plant make its own food using sunlight). The plant was discovered in the semi-evergreen forest at an altitude of 1,500-1,600 metres during an exploration near Tobu town of Mon district in eastern Nagaland. Gleadovia konyakianorum species is root parasite that grows up to 10 cm in height, and bears white, tubular flowers. It is only the fourth species fro m the genus Gleadovia to be found in the world.
6.       2017 Tata Literature Live Lifetime Achievement Award conferred to Actor-playwright Girish Karnad (79) for his outstanding contribution in field of theatre at the eighth edition of the Tata Literature festival held in Mumbai, Maharashtra. His screen debut in Kannada movie “Samskara” had won first President’s Golden Lotus Award for Kannada cinema.He is also known for his role of Swami’s father in the TV series “Malgudi Days” based on R.K.Narayan’s books. Other category winners : Big Little Book Awards was bagged by  Nabaneeta Dev Sen. Book of the year, non-fiction: ‘Age of Anger: A History of the Present’  was bagged by Pankaj Mishra. Book of the year, fiction goes to  Easterine Kire’s ‘Son of the Thundercloud’.
7.       Shia Waqf Board submits peaceful settlements before Supreme Court on Babri Masjid land dispute. Under the settlement the board proposed that the Ram temple can be built in Ayodhya site while a mosque can be constructed in Lucknow. The Peaceful proposal submitted by Shia Waqf Board Chairman Syed Wazeem Rizvi will bring about harmony between Hindus and Muslims in the Country.
8.       International Seminar on Indian Space Program was inaugurated in New Delhi. The main objective of this two day conference was to deliberate on the best practices and pursue ongoing discussion process to support further work of India’s space sector.
9.       The Union Health Ministry notifies amendment to Food Safety & Standards Regulation 2011. The amendment prescribes maximum permissible limits of 37 antibiotics and 67 other veterinary  drugs in meat and meat products including chicken. Moreover the ministry also invited objections and suggestions from all the stake holders including general public by Dec 2017.
10.   The Indian National Bar Association ( INBA) recently organized the Bar Leadership summit on Reforms in the Indian Legal Sector in New Delhi Collaboration with the Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Centre for Trade and Investment Law ( CTIL), Indian Institute of Foreign Trade the summit explored issues and concerns surrounding the liberalization of the Indian legal services sector.
11.   Nov 20 – Universal Children’s Day  was observed across the world with an aim to advocate, promote and celebrate children’s rights to build a better world for children . The theme of 2017  is
“It’s a #kids Take Over “. This  Year , UNICEF celebrated the day by inviting children from around the world to  voice their support  for millions of their friends and kin who are unschooled, unprotected and uprooted.
12.   NASA has successfully launched a highly advanced polar orbiting satellite to improve weather forecasts for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA). The satellite –Joint Polar  Satellite System -1( JPSS-1) was launched through a United Launch Alliance Delta II rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, US. The advanced technology will help improve weather forecasts up to 7 days in advance. This is the first in series of 4 such satellites in a collaborative programme between NOAA and NASA. The satellite will be renamed  NOAA-20 when it reaches its final orbit.
13.   India’s Manushi Chhillar ( 20yrs old)  was crowned as Miss World 2017 at the prestigious pageant’s 67th edition that was held in Sanya , China . After a 17 year long wait, India crowned the Miss World title after Priyanka Chopra in the year 2000. Chhillar is a medical student from Haryana. She is the 6th Indian Woman to win the title. Reita Faria in 1966 (1st ), Aishwarya Rai in 1994 (2nd ) Dianan Hayden in 1997 ( 3rd ), Yukta Mookhey  in 1999 (4th ), Priyanka Chopra  in 2000 (5th). She was crowned Miss World 2017 by the outgoing Stephanie Del Va le from Puerto Rico.

14.The National Commission for Protection of Children’s Rights (NCPCR) celebrated Baal Utsav  as a part of Hausla-2017,a week-long festival organised by Women and Children Development Ministry  for children living in Child Care Institutions ( CCIs) across the country.

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